The Day(s) We Got Our Dogs (Part Two)

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Part 2

The Day(s) We Got Our Dogs (Part Two)

The Story Of Monte

Monte. My tiny princess. Chief Runs In Circles.

She's a little over a year old now. We've had her since July of 2017, when she was eight weeks old. She's sweet as she can be. She loves to snuggle. She is also an instigator.

She loves starting play fights with Jagger, her "brother" and my older dog. He didn't take to her right away. It was a couple months before he fully loved her.

Her story is that she and her actual brother were put into my sister and brother-in-law's backyard one night. Someone literally opened their gated backyard and put them in there and closed the gate, never to return. So they have NO clue to who dumped them.

Monte weighed 4.5 pounds when I got her. She was SO tiny!!! She now weighs about 35-40 pounds. She's not going to get any bigger than what she is now. I'm grateful for that because the vet seemed to think that she was a German Shepard mix.

She has some kind of terrier in her based on the fact that I've had a dog previously who was right around the same weight and size as she is now. She's done growing for good.

Her coloring is beautiful!!! She's black and brown/tan in color, just like a German Shepard and Rottweiler would be. She is incredibly hyper though, granted she's still young. Jagger was the same way when he was this same age.

I'm grateful for having her and for Jagger having a playmate. It's made everyday life more interesting. It's also made Jagger a little more playful and some of his attention seeking behaviors have gone away. He actually wants to stay outside and PLAY now!!!

We took her because (1) she needed a home; (2) Jagger needed a playmate; and (3) because why not?? It really has been great having a second dog. My husband and I don't have actual kids and our dogs have become our children. We call them our fur children.

So, as you read in part one, Jagger isn't all too needy, but Monte is. Monte feels like she needs to be up someone's butt all day, everyday. If she wants or needs something, she lets it be known. She will whine and lick and pace until you give her or see what she needs.

Does it drive Patrick and I crazy??! You better believe it!!! On days that I'm off and that Patrick is off, we just want to sleep in. Oh no, not Monte!!! She HAS to get up because she is STARVING!!! She eats like a dang horse!!! One of her nicknames is Miss Piggy. We feed her two cups of food per day. Both are given to her in the mornings. Jagger gets three cups of food a day 'cause he's bigger.

When she was still a puppy, she'd finish her food and then go right for Jagger's food (which is for adult dogs). If given half a chance, she would eat all of hers and then all of Jagger's food. It was funny the first couple of times she did it, but then it started driving us all crazy. Crazy to the point that Jagger wouldn't eat all of his food for fear of Monte eating it as well.

Bath time for Monte is a rather easy affair, meaning that all I have to do is pick her up and put her into the tub. Jagger is a different story. It takes both me AND Patrick to give him a bath.

I love Monte dearly. She is the smallest big snuggler there ever was. She primarily likes snuggling with me, but there are occasions that she will snuggle with Patrick. And it's the cutest thing EVER!!! She adores him.

She loves following me and Patrick around the house. She always has to see what we are doing because she doesn't want to be left out. Otherwise, she whines if she can't find us.

She whines to go outside. She whines if she's hungry. She whines if she can't find you. She whines if she thinks that you are giving Jagger too much attention. She whines if Patrick and I hug for too long. She is an attention hog. To be honest, it's OK. I mean, that's just how Monte is.

Erin Belz
Erin Belz
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