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Some Ideas About Caring For An Older Dog

by Carolyn Cordon 13 days ago in dog

Keeping the love going as your dog is leaving life ...

Some Ideas About Caring For An Older Dog
Photo by Harrison Kugler on Unsplash

Yes, it's a true thing that having a new puppy in the house is a fun thing, learning about this small creature, and teaching it the rules you want it to learn. This way, you and your new dog will get along in the best possible way.

And then that puppy grows it becomes a valued member of the family, (or sometimes a troublesome one, but that is a different story, not this one!) So you will now have an adult dog in the family, and that is a fine thing too. The adult dog may not have the cute puppy ways it used to have, but it won't do all of those naughty things puppies can get up to, either!

But eventually, that puppy, then adult dog, will become an old dog, a slowed down and gizzled version of itself. It may spend even more of its time sleeping in the most comfortable spaces it can find, and get into, spending most of its time suggled up, fast asleep, only waking when it realises something is happening, if the noise level get high enough for the old dog to hear it going on.

Of maybe its own toileting needs maye awaken it, and if you don't respond in a timely manner, there may be an 'accident' to deal with, just like when that old dog was a puppy who hadn't learned to 'hold on' yet.

The old dog didn't want to mess on the floor, it just couldn't hold on, it's aging body isn't capable of such things any more. This isn't something to blame the dog for, but blame yourself, for not being alert to your beleved pet's needs.

And your old dog might begin not eating all of its food, leaving its dinner in the bowl. This might worry you, and it certainly can be a thing to concern yourself about, but maybe your old dog simply doesn't need as much food these days, because it is simply not burning up as much calories.

Old age is a time for rest and reflection, not reckless rampage and racing all around the place! So feed your old dog smaller meals, and perhaps softer foods too, because old teeth and jaws might have trouble chowing down on anything and everything, the way the dog used to.

And if your aging dog isn't the fun creature it used to be, trekking long distances with you, through forests, or down by the water, you can now sit down peacefully with your old dog, patting its gentle old head, and its weary old muscles, soothing both the dog, and yourself, as you both remember the times you've had together.

Sometimes, it is said, having a young dog in the house, can help an older dog, and give it 'a new lease in life'. This may well be true, but it is important to tihnk carefully about this one. That new lease in life might be a less than happy end, racing around, and unable to get any moments of peace.

That 'new lease in life', may actually be a desparate effort to get away from the 'invader' who has arrived in the old dog's home. Watch both dogs carefully, and please, if the old dog seems distressed, please do the right thing, and give in a space where the new dog won't bother the old one ...

Remember too, that when the time comes, for your old dog to end its days in this world, the kindest thing you can do for this dog that gave you so much, is to give it a kind and painless end. Euthanasia is a blessing, when the time has come. Please give your loved pet the blessing it so richly deserves ...

Carolyn Cordon
Carolyn Cordon
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