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Safety Tips to enjoy a Day on the Lake With Your Dog

Learn about having a fun and safe day at the lake with your furry friend.

By Ahmed A.Published 2 years ago 3 min read
Safety Tips to enjoy a Day on the Lake With Your Dog
Photo by Glenna Haug on Unsplash

Summer is slowly approaching and that means more warm days to enjoy a dip at the lake with your favorite furry friend! For dogs that enjoy swimming, there’s nothing better than having fun on the water on a sunny day.

As fun as it might be, you also need to be prepared with safety precautions to make sure everyone involved is safe and having fun. I partnered with injury lawyers from Loughlin & FitzGerald to bring you the best ways to enjoy a fun and exciting day on the lake with your dog safely.

Got to Make Sure Your Dog is Water-Friendly

Not all dogs are built for swimming in the water, some love it, and some just can’t stand it. So, for obvious reasons, make sure your dog is water-friendly before planning a day on the lake.

Some breeds are known to not like swimming in water a lot. These include pugs and bulldogs. On the other hand, breeds like the Labrador or the spaniel are known to be very friendly with the water and swimming.

Keep those notes in mind the next time you plan on taking your furry friend out swimming at the lake.

Pro Tip: I recommend carrying a doggy ladder for your boat with you. This way your dog can jump in the water and swim without worrying about getting them back on board.

Avoid Stagnant Water

It’s widely known that stagnant water could be dangerous in warm weather. The warmth brings a rise in microorganisms that multiply quickly and could cause serious illness.

Make sure to avoid small lakes or bodies of water where you see no current or movement of the water.

Have Enough Drinking Water Available

We don’t need to stress the importance of water and hydration both for humans and dogs. If you’re visiting a lake with your puppy, make sure you pack ample amounts of fresh water for both of you.

Although the dog might want to drink from the lake if it wasn’t salty, we highly advise against that. The water could very well be polluted and could cause bad bacteria and parasites trouble with the dog.

During a hot summer day, dehydration is a serious risk. So make sure you and your furry friend stay safe and hydrated.

By Judi Neumeyer on Unsplash

Provide Shade For Your Furry Friend

Speaking about hot summer days, we have to talk about the importance of shade from the sun.

If you’re heading out to a lake, make sure there is a shaded spot for you and your dog to relax in. Staying under direct sun rays for a whole day can potentially lead to dehydration or even a heatstroke.

So, make sure to pack an umbrella, or choose a spot that provides natural shade.

Play Some Fun Water Games

There are many different fun activities and games you could enjoy with your dog. Just make sure if you're hitting the water to get a doggy life vest for your puppy to make their experience more enjoyable. Here are some of the most common games to play with your dog on the lake:

  • Dock Jumping
  • Water Retrieval
  • Paddle Boarding

Pick Up After Your Dog

This one should be obvious but it still needs to be mentioned. As with any other activity you do with your dog, make sure you have a scooper and bags to clean up the poop.

Dog waste can seriously contaminate water bodies so make sure you always scoop the poop.

Try to guide your dog to do their business in a place with vegetation and where people don’t wander a lot. If your dog does their business on the beach, never bury their waste in the sand.

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