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Potty Training

by Nancy D 4 years ago in training
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It's okay, you're actually doing a good job.

This article isn't about "How to Potty Train your Dog." There are lots of articles out there like that and I'm sure you've read them all. This article is my personal experience potty training my fur baby, but more importantly it is a reminder that potty training is a long process, so there is no need to get stressed out or blame your dog. Please keep in mind that while your dog is under 8 months, she will want to make you happy and be a good girl. If she isn't peeing outside, it's because she does not understand that she is supposed to yet.

When my parents started scolding my puppy for making a mistake, it really just made things worse. She knew that peeing and pooing was bad, but she didn't understand why. So she started peeing and pooing in more hidden and discreet ways. In fact, if we saw her try to sneak out of the room then we could easily assume that she was leaving to poop. She even still does this sometimes.

Now she is almost 1 year old and she is finally getting the hang of potty training; she even asks to go outside now by crying (but sometimes she cries for other reasons, so that’s also confusing). She's not perfect, she still makes mistakes sometimes, but at least she doesn't pee on the bed anymore. So now she can sleep with me.

Our next step is put a bell near the door so she can ring it if she has to go outside. Every time I take her outside I ring the bell first, so she relates the bell to going outside. Hopefully, she will one day start to ring the bell herself when she wants to go outside. This will make things so much easier because we will no longer have to take her out every two hours just in case. It was also stop my mom from getting super upset every time she makes a mistake inside.

So far the bell has actually made a positive difference. If I ring it she knows she is going outside soon and then when I take her outside she pees almost right away. This is super useful for those cold days where I really don’t want to be out there for long.

I’ve seen a lot of people really lose their cool while potty training. My sister could not stand seeing any mistakes and would result in yelling if it happened. Not just yelling at the puppy, yelling at everyone, It’s not fair to anyone in the house, especially the poor dog. The truth is your dog is not going to be miraculously potty trained the day you bring her home, and yelling at her doesn’t help her understand she is suppose to go outside. You need a plan, almost any plan, and stick to it. More importantly, you need be patient. Your puppy will go inside while she is learning, everyone else’s puppy did no matter what they say. There is no need to compare your puppy to how quickly other’s people puppies learned this. Chances are they are exaggerating anyway.

Also, I just want to clarify that it is OK to put a diaper on your dog. As long as it works for you and your dog, it’s a great temporary solution during the long potty training process. The potty pad is also acceptable, there is no shame in the puppy potty training process.

All I'm really saying here is RELAX, you're doing a better job than you think you're doing. I promise. So, just keep up the good work.


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