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in honor of my grandfather's dog

By Maria Ostasevici Published 2 years ago 4 min read
a picture of a dog which looks exactly like Zac

In my country, the attitude towards pets is totally different. I would call her wild. More precisely in the Republic of Moldova (a small country between Romania and Ukraine). Dogs and cats do not stay in the house, they are not allowed to play on the bed and no one buys them nice clothes.

At least such a thing has never happened before, now there are cases of people who understand how you should actually take care of a little friend. My grandfather had a dog. Zac. No, he wasn't purebred, and he wasn't one of the most beautiful dogs in the world, from what my mother told me, he had a big, fluffy tail, after which he always ran away like a playful child.

He was average, but in very good physical shape, my grandmother always tried to feed him when she had the opportunity, his color was dark brown, fluffy and very, particularly intelligent. Many told me that street animals are smarter than purebred animals, but I found it hard to believe. However, Zac and all the stories about him from my family made me understand that they deserve to be trusted. My grandfather worked as a guard on a farm. And to get to it you had to cross the railway, the shopping center and the international road, and then through the forest to choose the turn to the left a few times and to cross a large ravine. Normally, we would be on foot in about 40 minutes when we had to bring him food. I have no idea how, but Zac knew the way so well that he would go to work with my grandfather alone and come home. Grandma would give him a packet of food, which he would hold in his mouth and take to the farm. Miracle? Education? Training? No one ever took care of him professionally, but he understood everything so well.

Summer. My uncle was still small, but he went with the cows to the field, and Zac helped him not to lose them. Or as my uncle said, "he used to sit with the cows while I played or slept." A ruthless rain began, and in order to come home it had to cross the a river, very deep at that time. The rain filled the river, and the bridge was so stable that you never knew for sure whether you were crossing or not.There was another large one, made of concrete that he usually passed when he was with the cows, but he had to walk 2 miles to this bridge and now he was really scared and wet, so he wanted to take a shortcut. Halfway across the bridge he stepped on a rotten board, and because the edge was wet, his hand slipped and fell into the water.He could not swim, only out of fear he tried to shake hands and feet so as not to go to the bottom.


Zac started barking and spinning like crazy. He realized he needed to do something and jumped into the water. He immediately went to my uncle, and he grabbed his neck with his hands. He took him ashore. I still remember his teary face and eyes when he told me. His voice trembled, the pain in his soul and his gratitude to this devoted friend of the family were limitless. I don't remember him, he lived with my grandparents for about 10 years, and I was a baby then. But I remember well the place where he slept, unlike most dogs in Moldova, he was never tied, but you always found him standing guard. He didn't go anywhere without permission, he didn't bark out of boredom at people passing by on the street and he was the most patient nanny with small children.

When Zac died, everyone was destroyed, especially since he was poisoned by a stranger (and this, unfortunately, is something that happens very often in Moldova). My grandfather was a very strong and cold man. But every time I asked him why he didn't take another dog, his eyes filled with tears, saying "there will never be a Zac again, and this place is his forever".


Sad because he did not live longer, and even more so because such devoted dogs exist everywhere, but are not properly appreciated.

They are ready to give their lives for us at any time, they suffer every time we suffer, they rejoice with us and they listen to us.

Sad because in my country people still behave primitively with the pets. They often poison them or throw them in the woods, without any mercy and I hope this ends as soon as possible.


With tears in my eyes I always write about our best friends, because each of them deserves to be awarded as "EmPAWyee of the Month".


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Maria Ostasevici

Communication and public relations student, Moldova

Instagram profile: maria.ostasevici;

mother of two awesome Dobermans.


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