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New Year, New SeaWorld Presentation, New Rescue Story

Are you celebrating the new year at SeaWorld? SeaWorld Orlando’s now offering a unique presentation dedicated to one of their most recent animal rescues.

By Jenna DeedyPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Ridgway, a rescued bottlenose dolphin calf at SeaWorld of Orlando. Photo by SeaWorld

Recently, SeaWorld has been offering some brand new experiences where guests can learn more about the animals who live in the parks from the lenses of those who care for them year-round. For example, animal encounters let you meet penguins, walruses, belugas, and dolphins. Meanwhile, up-close tours allow guests to take part in mini-meetings, which are private training sessions with killer whales.

These experiences are not only fun and interactive for both guests and animals alike but also, they’re educational and allow both trainers and animal care specialists to educate and inform guests about the plight of their wild counterparts and the struggles they face out in their ever-shrinking habitats.

For those who wish to learn more about what it takes to maintain a modern zoological facility, SeaWorld’s “Inside Look” presentations offer the public dedicated to educating guests about what it takes to be part of the animal rescue team, how to care for sharks in human care, to caring for dolphins and sea lions.

However, their most recent addition to this series is one of their most recent animal rescues-a bottlenose dolphin calf named Ridgway.

Ridgway’s Story

Ridgway, named after the late marine mammal scientist Dr. Sam Ridgway, was rescued on July 20th, 2022 after being found with life-threatening injuries sustained from getting entangled by crab trap lines. Rescue teams from both Clearwater Marine Aquarium and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) rescued him before transporting him to SeaWorld of Orlando for life-saving medical care and treatment.

While his condition has since improved, the federal government has deemed him “non-releasable” because of being a young calf at the time of his stranding. In the wild, dolphin calves stay with their mothers for almost six years.

Recently, Ridgway was moved to the Dolphin Nursery habitat, where he’ll now learn how to be a dolphin from a maternity pod.

About SeaWorld’s “Baby Dolphin Care Talk,”

The “Inside Look” presentation will allow the animal care team to share Ridgway’s story of how he was rescued and rehabilitated before becoming a permanent of the SeaWorld family. In addition, it will also give them a glimpse into his everyday care, which includes his regular bottle-feeding sessions conducted by one specialist.

The “Baby Dolphin Care Talk” is one of ten “Inside Look” presentations that are currently being offered at SeaWorld on the weekends, from January 7th through the 15th. They’re included with park admission and may differ day-to-day.

Other “Inside Look” Presentations

Aside from the “Baby Dolphin Care Talk”, other entries in the “Inside Look” series include “Inside Marine Mammal Care”, which offers guests a possible experience to feed the dolphin residents of Dolphin Cove following a behind-the-scenes tour of the fish house that preps food for them, “Inside SeaWorld Rescue Center”, which offers guests to visit the home base of the SeaWorld Rescue Team, and “Inside Manta Aquarium” to educate non-coaster fans how they care for over 3,000 marine species that call the little aquarium home.

About SeaWorld’s Rescue Program.

For over 50 years, SeaWorld has come to the aid of over 40,000 sick, injured, and orphaned animals in need. Available 24/7 throughout the year, SeaWorld’s dedicated team of animal care, veterinary, and animal rescue experts will always answer the call to help animals in trouble.

None of this would’ve ever been possible without the continued support of guests, pass members, partner agents, dedicated ambassadors, and people across the world taking action to protect these amazing animals and their habitats. The goal of every wildlife rescue is to rehabilitate them with the intention of one day returning them to the wild.

Do you plan to visit SeaWorld this year? If so, let me know in the comments below.

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