My Siberian Husky

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The Story of How I Came to Own My Husky

My Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies are some of the most elegant and majestic dogs around. The way they run brings about fierceness and strength to their stature. However, despite these facts, Huskies are also some of the goofiest and sassiest dogs you'll come across.

For the longest time, I've wanted a Husky. The gorgeous coats, the sparkling eyes, the demeanor of the animal... it all pulled my heartstrings. I had told my now husband how much I yearned to have one, or even just a dog in general. It's been years since I've had a furry companion, since as a child I moved around a lot and the one dog I did have passed away. So, when it came to dogs in general, I had a massive soft spot. Almost every day I would find various videos of Huskies on Facebook or YouTube to watch and show my husband. I adored how silly and full of life they were; how they just changed the whole atmosphere of a room. By now I had done tons of research on these pups: how they were master escape artists; how they back talked; how they usually howled or just made weird noises instead of barking; and much more. But the more videos and pictures and research I came across, the more I just wanted one of these lovely hounds to call my own.

One day, while I was at work, my husband sent me a picture of two 2-month-old huskies – a boy and a girl. The boy was white with tan on his back, head, and haunches; the girl was white with black in the same spots at her brother. He informed me that his aunt breeds Huskies, and she brought them by for a visit so they can get used to people. He kept sending me picture after picture of these puppies, and I was getting frustrated. I kept asking if we could keep one, and he kept telling me no. Why show me the pictures when I can't have one, especially if they're going to be gone by the time I get home??? I had told my husband that the girl was just gorgeous to me; she had a certain vibe that I could feel even in the pictures. He repeatedly kept telling me that I couldn't have one. After a while, I just stopped trying to convince him.

A while later, just before I got off of work, my friend texted me, saying: "Did you guys get a dog??" I stopped in my tracks. Uh... no? I texted her back that I wasn't aware if we did, and she replied telling me that my husband sent pictures of a dog to his group chat with his friends. I began freaking out. Was this a joke? I really hoped not, but I got myself to chill out. Knowing my husband, he was probably playing a prank on me. I clocked out and started making my way home. While driving, I began thinking: "What if he really did get me a dog...? What would I name it??" Names began going through my head, as if I was trying to name my child. As I turned down my street, I was preparing myself to not have a dog. He was so adamant about not getting one until we had our own home (we were living in an apartment). My heart wanted to believe that I had a little puppy waiting for me, but I had a feeling it was too good to be true.

As I drove closer to my home, I saw my husband outside with my mother-in-law. He hurriedly picked something up, and began to go inside. My heart stopped. The thing was furry. I parked my car and got out, tears in my eyes. My husband walked to me and handed me a small, black and white puppy. My puppy. I started bawling my eyes out, and asking so many questions. "Is she really mine?" "I get to keep her?" "Why did you change your mind?"

He didn't answer me; he just stood there smiling as I cried and loved on my new baby. When I started to calm down, he asked me what I would name her. I looked at her tiny little face, and only one name came to mind.


I cleaned up my face and we went to the store immediately to buy her everything she needs. We ended up buying WAY more than she needs, but she was the newest edition to the family; how could I not buy her every cute toy I laid my eyes on? We went back home and set everything up. The rest of the day I couldn't stop petting and holding her. I even cried a few more times. I honestly could not believe that I had my own dog, and a Husky nonetheless!

She's now six-months-old, and growing ridiculously. She's as strong and healthy as she could be, with a big personality of her own. And every time she whines and cries out of pure happiness when I come home, I smile, knowing that I now have a furry friend that loves me unconditionally. And that kind of love is irreplaceable.

Thank you.

Savana Verret
Savana Verret
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