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Move Over Diamonds, There's a New Best Friend Comin' to Town

by Corinne Jenkins 5 months ago in adoption · updated 3 months ago

💎 Shiny things may still catch my eye, but this destined Dog Mom is ready to throw her hat in the ring for her future Boxer.

I can’t believe they used to be this little 🥺

Who says diamonds are a girl's best friend and dogs are a guy's best friend? It's time to update that saying. But, yes, I still do love diamonds.

My goal this year is to finally have a baby. A fur baby, that is. 🐶 I want to snuggle and spoil the heck out of the sweet animal I will eventually adopt! Any kind of pup will make me feel complete and I don't think I will be able to hold off on this heartfelt want for much longer.

We (my boyfriend, Jake, & I) want to start with adopting one dog, at least for the first go round. I fully expect to have at least three dogs once we can move into a house. Or more.

Me in 5 years (so bummed I couldn't find the gif version of this).

Jake and I have grown up with Boxers and we've agreed that is the breed we are searching for. Any dog would make us complete as a family but every Boxer we've had the pleasure to love has never disappointed (as if any furry could). The heart wants what the heart wants.

If you're not familiar, Boxers are the snuggliest (snuggliest is word, cool) sweeties. My parents have two Boxers (pictured in my featured image above), and even though they are both well-over fifty pounds now, they still think they are lap dogs and will sit on top of you. Who wouldn't want to be crushed by this unconditional love? Boxers are also known for their GOD AWFUL farts 💨 . Which is gross, yes, but mostly just hilarious (that's why I call each of my mom's dogs 'stinky butt').

Please enjoy the photo dump of Boxer pups below:

Sweet baby Twix
Sweet baby Bruiser
Twix again. Being a weirdo 😍

And last, but not least...

Sweet baby Quatro (Q)

Who wouldn't want one of these sweet faces to greet you every morning? I want a dog SO BADLY! I have been going through the last year knowing that this would be the goal and I’ve been preparing myself so I know I’m bringing this pup into a loving home, and that Jake and I are ready financially & emotionally to be responsible for a living being besides ourselves.

Meanwhile, everyone else I know is getting married and having babies.

Which is phenomenal for them, but right now I only have my eye on expanding my family with a four-legged love muffin. And I’ll be the goddamn best dog mom ever — because it’s what I was born to do. And I’ll do it with style too.

I've done very minimal research so far, because I know if I do any more then I will just go out and get a fur baby right then and there. I think with rescues/adoption of animals there is a process where home visits are scheduled to make sure it's a loving home and a right fit at that.

That's kind of the majority of my knowledge right now, so I decided to do some digging through the Stray to Stay challenge submissions (where Vocal will be matching the first place prize as a donation to the ASPCA) and took a peek at others' experiences with their own dog adoptions.

I was able to learn more thanks to this helpful Vocal creator below:

Here's another tear-jerking story, a nice read that goes into more detail about Deja (by the same creator as the story above, which I did not realize right away)! Especially since I am starting to begin the process of adopting a pet that could potentially have been mistreated in the past, this story gives more information about what I could expect:

And stories like these ⬇️ make me tear up about other creators’ experiences and their happy endings with their fur babies, like Blue:

So, here's to a girl's best, future friend and feeling complete. Not because of sparkling, inanimate objects, but because of a dog becoming a part of my family.

Okay going to go adopt a million dogs now, byeee.

💕, Corinne


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