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Misplaced? How silly..

A soulmate's journey through a human lifetime

By Salomé SaffiriPublished 4 months ago 2 min read

Misplaced? How silly… I am not misplaced. YOU think that I’m misplaced, reaching at night, feeling with your palm where I used to lie. You cry not finding me, but truly- you shouldn’t.

You say that I’m misplaced, but I have a place! It used to be on the couch, listening to you tutting about how I squish the pillows. It used to be by your belly, being your little spoon. Now, instead of only belonging at one place at a time I can be everywhere at all times; Unbound by the aching body.


Misplaced? No! The granules of my being now float through space, finding new places to belong, assimilating with the bleached winter straw. I hoped it would happen in May, when the spring is in full bloom…

You spread my ashes in the early morning, wiping the tears with ashy fingers. Those muddy streaks on your cheeks - It’s me, kissing your tears away. A particle to particle. Me to you.

In the midday, When the Sun comes out, the frost exhales relaxing, becoming dew. There, on the microscopic level, you would see me, sniffing the grass. The dew will be a little murky, infused with what had been my restless nose. Remember how we love spending the middays together in the woods?

Place me under a mossy log, where chipmunks burrow. Between the boughs of spiky, purple raspberry branches. Under the emerald cathedrals of the trees; There is a place for me.

I am not misplaced, I’m in your future flowers; Attaching to the paws of that relentless squirrel, finally travelling up the tree with it.

Misplaced? No. Dismantled into molecules to be with you at all times. My place is always with you. I’m not dust - no. Dust is something useless, odorless, heavy. I’m - me, just in a different form.


One morning you will wake up from a gentle puff of air in your ear. It will be me, waking you up like I always do; Carried in by a stray summer breeze.

You will brew the coffee, remembering our mornings together and our years apart. Enveloped in the soft haze of the warm memories you will pour the coffee from one cup to another, and suddenly.. everything will make sense to you.

That coffee, you can pour it in a different cup and it will always be the same coffee. The cup can change or break, but it will always be the same coffee, just in a different cup.

Remember! Remember that our souls were intertwined for centuries. Back, when it was your first time around on this plane. We made a pact while sitting on the stars, and looking down at our paths, we made a pact to walk these lives together:

On the sun-dried cobblestones in Rome, treading the mud in England. This time around I came to you in Ukraine to be taken away from poverty and bombs, to go with you into your new life.

Do you remember? I see that you remember. Search for my dapple eye in the eyes of puppies, look for my curled upper lip. A perpetually flopped ear - that’s me! A familiar soul in a different vessel. The same coffee in a different cup. My place is with you forever.

Until we meet again!

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About the Creator

Salomé Saffiri

Writing - is my purpose. I feel elated when my thoughts assume shapes, and turn into Timberwolves, running through the snowbound planes of fresh paper, leaving the black ink of their paw prints behind.

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  • Joe O’Connor4 months ago

    Loved the tender feel of this one, and the earnest, loving, reassuring tone of the speaker! “A familiar soul in a different vessel. The same coffee in a different cup”- great way to cap a great read. Such a hopeful tone:)

  • J4 months ago

    Oh, my heart! So poignant and hopeful and full of love. I'm literally tearing up right now, how dare you.

  • This was so touching and it made me so emotional! May I know his/her name? Also, same like what John said, if I was the judge, I'll make sure this wins!

  • Sher singh4 months ago

    Cute puppy

  • John Cox4 months ago

    Salomé, this is a fabulous, effervescent poem. Every sentence is imbued with emotion and meaning, every paragraph a tiny masterpiece. I won't try to list every paragraph that I loved since its every single one. But this is my favorite: 'Place me under a mossy log, where chipmunks burrow. Between the boughs of spiky, purple raspberry branches. Under the emerald cathedrals of the trees; There is a place for me.' Absolutely magical! I could teach a creative writers workshop just on those two sentences alone.

  • whether this story wins or not, I needed to write it. I needed to remind myself the sacred truth- that life is not finite, that death is not infinite. The truth that had been uttered to me by the universe, along with my name, to bring peace. My beloved little soulmate is, was and always will be just that: A soul that chose to help me get through this life path. Almost every animal guardian says that their animal is the best one in the entire world. Lisa is for me. I hope that after a brief parting, we find a way to meet again many more times. Be free, my little star.

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