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Miracles do exist

by Ocusan Mi 6 months ago in fish
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What started as a fasination ended up a small miracle. I had two tube shapped aquariums, one of a carved wood top & bottom with Egyptian animal carvings, a hippo & Anubis I recall. The second tank was a Greek green sea theme of carved mermaids, each unique. The Egypt tank was in my small living room, the Greek in my bedroom. There were about four gouramis in the Egypt tank, the Greek tank was empty except for my live Plants. There was a reef one light in both tanks, where one day i observed tiny streaks or lines in the barren tank. The next day to my amazement the lines emerged tiny fish, about six. How could a light create life? I fed them as normal fish, as ony one grew large. The others did not & did not last long. But the large one was alone as I moved him to the Egypt tank to be with the others, as he was born a gourami too. I watched to make sure they would adapt to him, as they did accept him & seemed to enjoy his presence. He lived for almost a year until sadly he died on March 17th. It wasnt love but I did feel like his Godmother, as the whole experience was miracalous as the lighted aquarium at night threw giant shadows of fish upon my walls. I would sleep in sort of a mermaid like nature, next to my creation, as if spawned with a gourami myself. Gouramis are native to India & Asia. I heard that a boy grew his hair extra big from the miracle of life, just a anime cartoon, but funny to see his stack of hair that i wondered if a real life boy had miracle hair like the cartoon. It was more of a science love, then a true love, but with magic, as i discovered , life can evolve thought lighted electricity. And if there is a God that helped to do this, I could fall in love, with a God, or maybe another fish. I think in order to fall in love, one must be intrigued by something within the surroundings, such as a mysterious island in a distant land. Someplace out of the ordinary that you can slip your hand through, a secret passage to another world. Nothing like this exists in my reality, so I found that virtual reality could capture my sences. Through my computer I could swim as a avaitor, diving deep into the ocean created called Subnautica. It was exciting to find the island that slowly emerged through the clouds, the marble green building standing out like a tower in the sea, while under the sea were many fish, corals, caves & seagrass to almost feel in the watery world. There I found a sea creature who reminded me of my gourami, his eyes big , his body like a invisible man. He was there by the building as he swam into a portal he could create. His bluegreen veins glowing through his invisible mantle. I went inside the marble tower, pressing my hand on a machine that had a insignia of a large letter G. I found a elevator that had no floor but zero gravity, as I fell down to a stargate chamber, that led to another island. I felt as if the game was writing itself as i played the beta version that wasnt finished. My monitor stoped working as i also ventured into Subnautica Below Zero that my friend, the lore monster wasnt in. The game was much harder with the artic sea, & more huge sea monsters to battle. The snow was beautifull as I found large platic flowers and pools of gysers in the caves. The pink & Orange sky with moon like sand, I built a glass house & hung photos that I took. My favorite was the moon pool. I died in survivor mode, so i played in a mode that I couldnt die, although i coulnt eat creepvine or any food. The object of the game was to venture to the Queens chambers, which was too deep to find, yet she swam near the lore monster from time to time. The game is still there on my steam account if i need to adventure more, as the artic game is really in the beta mode. 😁🐠🐠🐠🐡🐡🐡🐙🐙 The game dosnt have instructions or a guide, as it continues to unfold, my last friend I found was the Octopus, who has also a invisible exoskeleton🐙🐙 More to be revieled....


About the author

Ocusan Mi

I write surrealist settings & a bit of supernatural, influenced by mostly my cat. A cat isnt just a animal to hoard & make fun of, cats are psychic creatures. Deep in thought, i imagine a plot while my cats mind can link with mine.

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