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In Loving Memory of Olden

My beloved King Cat

By Erin ClintonPublished 4 years ago 2 min read

In Loving Memory of Olden: My beloved King Cat

Forever, you will always have a special place in my memories fill with joy. Losing a pet that is part of your family can be a great loss. On December 12, 2019, I lost a pet named Olden. He was one of my favorite pet, he was my pride and joy. I miss him dearly. He had a motivated spirit, very energetic and a happy cat.

It feels like something is missing now. When I walk through the door; the sounds of your paws running across the kitchen floor or living room floor I do not hear anymore. “Heaven knows I’ve tried’ not to look for you. But this house seems so empty without you by my side. But I know you are in a better place called cat heaven. There you can be at peace, run and play. However, that does not stop me from missing you. Every day, it seems so hard to come home from work not seeing you greet me at the door. They say a dog is it owner best friend, but, “I said a cat is its owner best friend too. You have left me with memories of your paw prints in the bathtub and other places in the home.

Olden, my dear precious cat your presence will always be remembered forever. Your big gold eyes and light golden fur how can I forget you. I know you’re at a better place now called cat heaven where, you are free, you can run and play with other cats just like you. Also, it must be plenty of food, water like you had here. Also, plenty of sunshine, and you must be warm and comfortable there in cat heaven.

The animals who have been ill and old are restored to health and strength those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, in cat heaven I believe. I remember how you were before you pass, you were a very healthy strong cat. As, days and times gone by, I will always treasure the good time we had together for 10 years. Olden you shown your love everyday purring and placing your body against mines.

I know you are happy and content up there in cat heaven; however, everyone down here misses you very dearly, you left behind special people and cats. Olden you left me with grand memories being part of my family and cat family. Your friends you left behind; I remember how you used to play with other cats. Your brothers and sisters’ part of your cat family misses you dearly. You all played together.

I am going to miss you, Olden greeting me at the door, being so playful and happy to see me. Especially, after a long day at work. Olden my beloved King Cat may you rest in peace.

Missing You, King Cat Olden (POEM)

I lost a dear friend today

A big cat who used to lay

His gentle head upon my knee

And shared her silent thoughts with me.

He come no longer to my call

Retrieve no more his favorite toy

And retrieve no more his delicious snacks.

A voice far greater than other cats

He has been call to his golden throne.

Although my eyes are filled with tears and grief.

I thank him for the happy ten years

He spent down here with me.

And forever his love and loyalty will stay with me.

I Love You King Oldie my beloved cat.


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