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By Jan Angelo Lejare MaghinangPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Feed them natural food, not commercial dry powdered foods. Although natural foods involve more preparation, it really doesn't with the right steps. You can prepare a lot of natural cat food and store it in the fridge or freezer. When storing it in the freezer, be sure to put it in separate containers. You can also mix a little bit of vinegar or wine if storing it in the fridge to make it last longer. Note that storing it longer will also decrease the nutrition, taste, texture, and aroma of the food. If the cats are not spoiled or native, they'll still eat it anyway. Only mix probiotics and vitamins when you're ready to give the food. You can search on Google for foods that aren't allowed for cats and foods that are appetizing to cats. I usually mix the food with allowed fruits and veggies. Not to add too much because they won't eat it. I also mix meat stock, rice, and some commercial cat food to save more money and increase nutrition, thereby preventing diseases and veterinary expenses. When I can't give them anything, I give them rice with soy sauce mixed with a little bit of malunggay. Cats have little kidneys, so don't give them soy sauce often, which is high in sodium. It said on Google that grinded pumpkin seeds can get rid of worms, but I haven't tested it. If youre planning to give it, though, be sure to test it first on one cat and a very small amount, then monitor for the cats behavioral changes. Same procedure when introducing other types of food. If effective, maintain the diet so the worms will be completely eradicated and nutrition levels maintained. Also, clean the cage with Clorox to remove the eggs on the surfaces so the worms won't come back to the cat. 

I don't give them a bath, especially if they have companion cats in the cage, because they clean each other. Otherwise, if the cat was contaminated by an outside environment, I'd give it a bath and some probiotics to prevent exposure to diseases in other cats. 

Depending on the cat's behavior, I want to let it free roam in the backyard. If the cat is careful and doesn't go outside, I'd let it roam around the house to prevent rodents. But the rodents also carry diseases; maybe it will turn them away to see the presence of a cat. 

The advantages and disadvantages of keeping cats in cages are that they are not exposed to contaminants, except if the cat is already a carrier of a disease that will infect other cats. The cage must also be properly cleaned regularly; otherwise, the feces and urine will harbor many bacteria that cause diseases in cats, especially if they are old or have a current disease. They won't be able to resist it, thereby becoming infected. It also needs to be under a tree or with an insulating ceiling to prevent too much heat. The cage also needs to have very small holes so no passersby will be able to throw poisonous foods. Keeping them in separate cages also prevents them from multiplying and being exposed to outsider cats diseases. The cage needs to be tall and wide enough to accommodate space for the cats. Some cats like solitude, and they will compete for space. The cage also needs to be separated enough from the ground so the smell of the fallen feces and urine won't reach the cats much, but they'll still smell it, so you still have to clean. The water needs to be hung on the upper side of the cage, where they won't reach it for urinating. If you leave the food bowl empty, they will also urinate and defecate in it, so take it once they are done eating. Food scraps will also fall below the ground, so be sure to put up a blockade or clean it so roaming dogs won't reach it. 

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