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How to Get Rid of Raccoons: Removal & Control

Raccoons are one of those animals that can be very hard to cope with and which can terrorize your home or business.

By conant abramPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
How to Get Rid of Raccoons: Removal & Control
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It is very small, with a body length of only 65-75 cm and a weight of between 7-13 kg. Its body is fat and short, with long and thin limbs, a pointed mouth, mixed hair color, gray, yellow, and brown mixed, and black spotted hair on the face. It has a fat tail with black and white rings, somewhat like a small panda. Raccoons are omnivores, eating mice, insects, frogs, fish, shrimp, and crabs, as well as fruit and bird eggs.

Although wild, raccoons are very well adapted to human urban life, and some groups use the city as their habitat. Raccoons living in the suburbs often sneak into human dwellings to steal food, and with the black stripes around their eyes, they are called "thief pandas".

However, whether they are living in your attic or eating your garbage every night, raccoons control in Etobicoke will solve your problem for you.

In the late fall and early spring months, raccoons usually seek harborage inside attics to reproduce and have their young ones. However, baby raccoons are typically born in February or May although sometimes some are born around June and July.

Mother raccoons are extremely protective of their young ones, and should not be approached if a litter is suspected. Gentle or humane removal of a mother raccoon and her young must be considered to ensure that both the mother and her babies are safe and well taken care of. If you employ good raccoon removal services in Etobicoke, they will use extremely safe techniques to make sure the raccoons are not harmed and that the mother may continue to take care of her young ones. Other than attics, raccoons can also be found digging up lawns, living under BBQs, and decks, in tree stumps, and eating garbage at night.

Raccoon feces are extremely toxic, and if not well taken care of or handled properly could be dangerous. However, there are several raccoon control methods, but only an experienced company such as Etobicoke wildlife removal service can do it safely with appropriate safety measures. And since a defensive raccoon mother can often be dangerous to deal with, you need to ascertain that only a qualified and experienced company undertakes raccoon removal or control.

Sometimes ago, raccoons pest control is only common in Toronto only, but these animals are now rampant in the homes and businesses of, Ajax, Etobicoke, and the surrounding areas. And that is why the raccoon's control service in Ajax is established to tackle these animals.

Raccoons removal services in Ajax offer a humane raccoon removal process to all Ajax Region residents and always work hard to ensure these critters are safely evicted from your home or business!

Using several safety methods and techniques, the raccoon removal service always ascertains that these animals are removed safely and gently. During the spring months, this is even very important because the chances of baby raccoons in an attic are typically high. However, only experienced and trained pest Control services for raccoons are recommended to be hired, as one should exercise patience and extreme caution when dealing with a mother and her young. And more importantly, a professional raccoon service will not only evict a mother raccoon without her babies. But instead, both the mother and the baby raccoons should be removed as a family, so that the mother may take her young to a readymade secondary den.

Raccoons can be kept as pets, just like dogs, and are more obedient when raised from a young age, but after all, raccoons are wild animals and can be wild.

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