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How Riley’s Gearing Up for Summer with Ollie

The perfect fuel for my forever-energetic dog.

By Ally CookePublished 27 days ago 3 min read

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There's Riley, all the way on the right, with his siblings He's always smiling.

Summer is here, and we are so excited, mostly because our Labrador mix, Riley, loves it just as much as we do! We live in North Carolina, and summer is Riley's favorite time of year—he's all about swimming, playing outside, and yes, even paddle boarding.

In the summer months, each day with Riley begins with the sun. He and his siblings usually play a game of tug-of-war, where his favorite plush sloth will become the main prize. He pretty much always has a toy in his mouth, and is wiggling his little tush, signaling that he’s ready to play. They could go for hours, and it’s the cutest thing. Still, he’s not overly territorial, and in general, he is incredibly well behaved. If he loses a game of tug-of-war, he’ll often just go play with a different toy.

A typical summer day for us usually involves swimming at the beach or lake. It’s a refreshing way to start the day, and it’s a great way for Riley to get his energy out and stay exercising. The best is when he paddle boards. Nothing like it. He is fearless, and even though he sometimes has a hard time getting up there, once he’s on it you can see him trying to balance. You can even see him enjoying the wind blowing in his face, like Kate Winslet in Titanic. It’s hilarious. My family and friends marvel at how unique he is, we don’t know any dogs that can paddle board as well as he can! Since his first paddle last year, Riley has been unstoppable because he just loves the water. The best part is when we give him the command, he’ll jump into the water from the paddle board!

By midday, hunger sets in, and we’ll go to a restaurant. Our favorite local spot is White Duck Taco, where Riley is as well known as the menu itself. He loves it there. Some people get nervous bringing their dogs to restaurants, but not me. Riley is the perfect dining buddy—calm, collected, and content to observe the bustling environment. Watching him enjoy the sights and sounds, you can tell he feels right at home.

But when we eat, Riley's hunger cues in too! So far, since we’ve begun taking him out to swim as the weather has gotten warmer, I’ve been paying close attention to his weight. While he typically loses weight in the summer, I wanted to switch foods because I wanted to minimize how much weight he would lose. I wanted to ensure he wouldn’t fall below the usual.

Enter Ollie. We were introduced to Ollie online, and so far since being on Ollie, he’s been both maintaining his weight. But that’s just the beginning.

Mealtime for Riley is honestly a theatrical event—he embraces the pre-dinner excitement with barks, spins, and an adorable whine that basically says, "Hurry up!" He’s had even more energy around mealtime since being on Ollie. I didn’t know that was possible. Once his meal is served, he devours each bite. So far, his favorite has been the chicken dish with carrots.

He cannot wait!!

We've opted for a half fresh plan for Riley, combining kibble with Ollie’s fresh meals. This combination keeps him healthy and energetic, particularly important for a Labrador mix known for their vigor. He’s more energetic, but towards the afternoon he gets his rest in, too. His energy balance seems right to me.

We've also noticed that since being on Ollie, his "business" is not only less smelly but also smaller, which makes cleaning up after him easier and faster. It’s also a sign of better digestion in general. His coat is glossier and even his eyes are brighter, which is also apparently a sign of good nutrition.

One thing that we’ve also found helpful is that we’ll send Riley to his “place” (his cot) after mealtime. We don’t let him play for thirty minutes to an hour after he eats, which helps avoid bloating and stomach flipping. I can see that since being on Ollie, he is clearly not bloated after only 30 minutes of eating. With other foods I’ve tried, 45 minutes after eating could still be too soon to let him start playing.

I can see already that summer with Riley will really be effortless now that we’ve discovered Ollie. Watching him thrive on Ollie’s food has been a joy, both for me because I can safely know he's getting the best nutrition while maintaining his energy levels, and for him because he is just clearly having the time of his life. From paddle boarding to playtime, and those lazy afternoons, it's clear that Ollie has made a significant positive impact. Here's to many more exciting and healthy summers with our beloved Riley, all thanks to Ollie!


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