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Healthy And Hassle-Free Dog Food For Picky Eaters

Read to learn how Ollie Fresh Dog Food made life easier for our family.

By Stripe HairlessPublished 20 days ago Updated 19 days ago 3 min read

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Hi doggos and doggo owners alike! I’m Stripe, a Chinese crested mix who resembles the Gremlins character so much I was named after him. I am a pandemic puppy, and I turned three years old on Valentine’s Day! (Boy, time flies when you’re having fun…and eating well!)

Stripe is picky about two things: his fashion and his food!

Through the years, I’ve traveled often, moving back and forth from different states. Because of that, sometimes my parents struggled to keep me on my regular diet of home-cooked meals and kibble. My parents have always tried to do a mixed diet of the two but with the back and forth travel, you can imagine how home-cooked meals are not always an option… in comes Ollie Fresh Dog Food!

The Struggle Is Real With Home-Cooked Meals

My parents tried to find the healthiest kibble for me, but sometimes they couldn't read half the long names on the ingredients list. It made them a little uneasy not knowing what I was being fed. Not only that, but there came a point when sometimes I didn’t even want to eat the food. I became more food selective as time went on, and my parents would try to think of other solutions.

I never turned down a home-cooked meal, but those required way more of my parents' time, and their human schedules are already super busy. Sometimes, their time only allowed for whatever was available and easy.

With Ollie, my parents got into a routine of popping a fresh packet of dog food, portioned specifically for my needs, into the fridge before bedtime so that it would be ready for the following day! My parents were especially excited that I started eating vegetables which are included in Ollie recipes, which I normally avoided at all costs!

The right balance of ingredients really makes a big difference to me. Not only that, but I even ate all the different flavors Ollie sent us. Who knew I liked butternut squash?! Not my mom. And why should dog food be the same every day? Variety is the spice of life!

My parents even got me to eat my supplements by sprinkling them on my Ollie fresh food and mixing them in, this method did not work for my kibble! Ollie has been a game-changer for us! Since I prefer my food warm, I would always meet mom at the microwave, waiting patiently for her to heat up my Ollie. Because it’s already gently cooked to preserve its nutrients, Mom just gently warms it on the defrost setting and I get to eat it right away!

Effortless Setup with Ollie

Aside from the taste that I love, my parents loved how hassle-free setting up Ollie was. Between the quick quiz (that asked about my lifestyle, breed, age, weight, etc) and the quick delivery to the door, my parents really didn’t have to do a whole lot.

Normally, if they were running low on food it would be a biiiig deal. They would have to hope that a store nearby would have the food they’re looking for, drive to said store, and thus spend less time with me!

Now, with Ollie, my parents know the food is arriving and can go about their day without stressing if I have food or not! Ollie also makes it simple to change our delivery schedule or recipe selection, which is important to us because sometimes my parents are out of town without much notice.

Why delay? Get Ollie today! If a picky pupper like me likes it, your dog is bound to like it, too! If you’d like to follow our journey, check us out at @stripehairless on Instagram!

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  • Linda Njoku16 days ago

    Interesting to read

  • Fiona Lenz19 days ago

    I love his mohawk!

  • Jacob Damian19 days ago

    really amazing

  • Michele Hardy19 days ago

    Oh that is one cool looking pup!

  • This was a fascinating read and I loved the photos! Congratulations on your Top Story! I've subscribed!

  • Heather N King20 days ago

    What a fantastic article! I loved reading about healthy and hassle-free dog food options for picky eaters. It's so important to provide our furry friends with nutritious meals that they enjoy. The tips and recommendations shared here are incredibly helpful for pet owners like myself. Thank you for spreading awareness about the importance of a balanced diet for dogs and providing practical solutions. Keep up the great work!

  • Dana Stewart20 days ago

    Good info. I have two dogs, I will look into this food. We currently eat Royal Canin.

  • Gal Mux20 days ago

    Cute doggo 😄

  • Gina Callea20 days ago

    Great article! Your tips on ingredient quality, texture, and flavor variety are invaluable. The specific product recommendations and practical solutions make it a great resource. Well done!

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