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Don't Use Table Scraps On Your Dogs Diet

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By Biswajit DeyPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Don't Use Table Scraps On Your Dogs Diet
Photo by Ralu Gal on Unsplash

Many of us never give much thought to the stuff that constitutes our pet's diet, we seem to be pleased with the die hard habit of feeding our dogs with dinner table scraps, and so if this ain't good, then what's the best way to go? Let's find out.

We are all guilty, for we have done it, not once but many times, some are even doing it right now. It's endearing to see our pretty little furred friend smile at us from underneath the kitchen table. The tail in a wiggle and ears all perked. We definitely know what our dog is after, and that is a tiny bit of feast for dinner and of course it's not a big sacrifice to make on your part, neither does it hurt, it's just a bite after all. But Tinker is strongly against that sort of thing. Why? The answer is that a dog's nutritional regime/diet is not supposed to involve table scraps, understood.

By Taylor Kopel on Unsplash

Human meals are meant for humans, not dogs. Surprised by these revelations, lets find out more. According to nutritional experts, a dog's dietary needs are very different from humans. No doubt, we may eat much of similar things, but that doesn't relieve you from the injustice of feeding your dogs from table scraps. A dog's dietary need doesn't require all the extra goodies we add into our meals. Just as humans are afflicted with obesity and other diet related diseases, dogs can also get the same problems as well. If 80% of your dog's diets comes from dinner table scraps, then it's more likely that your dog will have trouble sustaining a healthy weight. To a pet, even few extra pounds of excess weight can have a significant impact on the quality and length of its life. So, stick to what works.

If your dog is not a choosy eater, then it could be a little bit tricky to let the pet be your homes trash bin, oh really! YES. It's a pretty bad idea. Some individual's meals could be harmful to your dog's diet and should be strictly forbidden from the dog's diet/nutrition. A fantastic example here is grapes; these are notorious for causing terrible problems to dogs. The dietary arsenal also involves popcorns and chicken bones. Another alarming addition is chocolate, VERY SWEET INDEED you say, but BAD NEWS to your dog's diet.

By Marliese Streefland on Unsplash

A pet's poor diet can be evident on the yard. If your dogs diet is wanting or deeply deficient, then the pet's output are likely to be greater in quantity, odor, and mess. Advantages of putting your dog on a well balanced diet will too be evident in the health of your pet, and even on those strolls around the yard.

It's only on very few occasions that a supplement of kitchen treat is all right for the pet, but never to the extreme. Consult with your vet to be informed about what healthy snacks for your dog's nutrition are. If you have no option apart from feeding Tinker at the dinner table, most vets advice that you give your pet pieces of carrots or ice cubes to munch on in-between planned feeding time. Providing these healthy substitutes to your pets instead of cupcakes and pizza, offers you the liberty to choose a nutritious and healthy bite for Tinker.

Stay informed so that the next time your darling pet ogles at your cuisine, offer him or her healthy treat instead of reaching for your chicken or fat laden steak. Alternatively you could keep your little pal busy with a refreshing ice cube. Remember to keep a couple of tender carrots within reach; this will help ensure that Tinker remains pleased and healthy. Doing the above will ensure that your dogs nutritional regime remains at it's best.


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