Dog Food Health Risks

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Making healthy meals for your dogs

Dog Food Health Risks

I have struggled with my dog for the past 13 years regarding her diet. She has a very sensitive digestive system and is always having issues if she eats the wrong thing. She was never happy with dry food, only wet food, so I fed her Purina and Alpo and any other food that was supposed to be good... until she stopped eating it. She was seven, and she had blood in her stool and would not eat, so off we went to the vet. She was diagnosed with colitis, and I was told she was allergic to grain. I began making her food at home, using hamburger well-drained, carrots, and brown rice. She did well on the food, but she was gaining a lot of weight.

The vet recommended ID formula for sensitive stomachs, so I put her on that. She seemed to do okay on it, her weight went down, but she didn't like the food. I guess I wouldn't want to eat the same healthy meal every day, devoid of all the things we know we can't have but crave. So, after a year or so of trying different flavors, and her still not eating and getting thin, I decided to start making my own food at home. I went on the internet and put "healthy dog food made at home" in my browser, and got all kinds of different recipes for homemade dog food. A vast majority of people are now making their own dog food at home, and why? Because dog food is not inspected for ingredients by the FDA, so they can put almost anything they want in there.

I saw a video on my computer, and meat by-products are a big ingredient in dog food, but meat by-products are all the stuff that's left after the animal is devoid of meat. The intestines, face, sinuses, tongue, etc., and it's all ground together in this greasy looking mess. I don't want my dog eating that! There is also an abundance of chemicals in canned and dry dog food that is not good for your dog.

The recipe below is my dog's favorite. It's the one I make for her all the time, so I thought I'd share. She is at a healthy weight now and seems to be staying there, and all her blood work looks fantastic!


  1. Cut up four to five chicken breasts in 1" slices.
  2. Peel one good-sized yam and slice it thin.
  3. Peel two apples, cut in quarters but make sure no seeds go in the food. Slice thin.
  4. Put all the ingredients in a large pan filled with water and put a lid on it. Boil for several hours or until all ingredients are soft and done.
  5. Drain water and use a potato peeler to mash the ingredients into a pulp.
  6. Make two cups of brown rice and add to the pulp, if desired. Let cool

Not only my dog, but other dogs who have stayed at my house, love this food! It offers fiber, protein, vegetables, and fruit. Broccoli, green beans, and zucchini are three ingredients I also add on a regular basis for green vegetables.

I am happy to say that the food is good enough for people to eat, and many who have visited me when I am making dog food have tasted it and wanted a bowl for themselves. Flattering as that is, I have considered altering the recipe and adding spices and flavorings so it could be eaten by the human sector, and maybe it could even be shared between human and dog in front of the television.

I hope you try the recipe and that your best friend, your dog, loves it!

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Denise Willis
Denise Willis
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