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Awesome Benefits of Having a Dog as a Pet

The best friend you can ask for

By AlliPublished 6 months ago 5 min read
Awesome Benefits of Having a Dog as a Pet
Photo by Matt Nelson on Unsplash

Awesome Benefits of Having a Dog as a Pet

Dogs have been regarded as a man’s best friend for a very long time and there are various reasons for this sentiment. Adopting a dog as a pet can have numerous advantages in terms of your mental and physical health.

By Justin Veenema on Unsplash

Dogs are great companions

One of the main advantages of having a dog is that they can act as a companion. Dogs normally have a loving and loyal nature that enable them to build a strong and deep bond with their owner. They can make their owners feel comfortable and more relaxed. A dog can also provide emotional support during tough and difficult times. Dogs can therefore play an important role in helping people to feel less lonely and less isolated and thus assist with increasing social interactions.

By devn on Unsplash

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Increased safety and security

Another benefit of having a dog is that they can give a sense of security. It is in their nature to want to protect their owners and also their homes. They can be excellent watchdogs. This can help the owners of dogs to feel safer when they are out and about. Dogs tend to bark when they see something out of the ordinary of something that can potentially be threatening. They therefore have to ability to alert their owners immediately if something is wrong.

Source of love and excitement

Dogs are always glad to see you and they show their excitement by wagging their tail. They are always there for you when you need them. They miss you when you are not there and cannot wait for you to get home. You can always count on a warm and loving welcome as soon as they see you.

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By Laula Co on Unsplash

Maintain physical health and cardiovascular health

Dogs can also make a positive contribution to our physical health. By regularly playing with your dog and by regularly taking your dog out for a walk, it can help you to stay active and therefore maintain a healthy weight. Dog walking can be a good way to get a bit of sunlight and fresh air. It also provides an opportunity to do a bit of bonding with your dog. Studies have found that people who have dogs are likely to be more physically active then people without dogs. Dogs have an enormous amount of energy and can therefore help their owners to increase their physical activity.

Having a dog can help you to reduce your blood pressure and also help you to lower your risk of a heart disease. Regularly engaging in exercise with your dog such as running or walking with your dog can boost your cardiovascular health and therefore reduce the risk of developing a serious heart disease.

By Patrick Schätz on Unsplash

Boost cognitive function and mental health

Dogs can also play an instrumental role in our mental health. Studies have shown that a dog can help to reduce the symptoms associated with anxiety and depression. Cognitive function can also be stimulated and improved. The simple act of petting your dog can cause a release of endorphins, which is the natural feel-good chemicals of the body, and can therefore alleviate stress and create a more relaxed state of mind. By simply being in the presence of a dog can significantly improve your mood.

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Help children to develop critical live skills

Having a dog can also have various benefits for your children. Studies have shown that by allowing your children to grow up with a dog, they are more capable of developing empathy and important social skills. They teach your children to take responsibility for their actions and to be compassionate while taking care of the dog. Your children are also more capable of developing certain essential life skills such as problem solving skills, how to effectively work in a team and communication skills. A dog can therefore be a great playmate for your child and can help your child to learn how to effectively interact with other living creatures.

By sabina fratila on Unsplash

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Protection for your child

Dogs can also play the role of a guardian angel for your child. They can provide some protection against harmful threats. A mature dog can perform this role for a very young child. As the child gets older, the bond between the dog and the child will grow stronger and stronger. The dog will see the task of protecting the child as he/she’s duty.

Renewed sense of purpose and meaning

Dogs can also be an extremely valuable companion for older adults. Older adults can remain active and get a renewed sense of purpose and meaning in their lives. They can provide older people with opportunities to stay connected to their respective communities and therefore provide a unique way to meet new people. This can especially be helpful when older people move to a place where they do not anyone. Dogs can therefore help to strengthen and build social circles.

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By Milena Trifonova on Unsplash

Bring new responsibilities and require commitment

It is also necessary to point out that although dogs have the potential to become great companions, they also bring new responsibilities. It is therefore also important that you should prepare yourself for the commitment that will be required for taking effective care of your dog. This will involve the fulfillment of your dog’s basic needs such as providing water, food, shelter and the required medical care. You will also have the responsibility to train your dog adequately and to provide them with a lot of attention and regular exercise.


It is no doubt that dogs have numerous benefits from a mental and physical health perspective. Dogs can play a critical role in the development of empathy and social skills for your children. Dogs can provide companionship to older adults and help them to find meaning in their lives. Dogs can alleviate blood pressure and can also help to reduce the risk of developing a heart disease.

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Dogs can make their owners feel safer as it is a natural instinct for dogs to want to protect their owners and their homes. Dogs are loving creatures and are always happy and excited to see you.

If you are considering adopting a dog then you should be prepared to provide them with a lot of love and care and then you will be amazed to see how they can enrich and boost your life.

By Jamie Street on Unsplash

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