Are Dog and Cat People Really That Different?

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Survey says no: they're not.

Are Dog and Cat People Really That Different?

These two pets are very different from each other and people think that those who have them also different from each other. There are so many particulars when it comes to picking a pet that it makes sense the people who pick cats and dogs have different types of personalities. This survey helps to look at household habits and how they’re affected by the answer to the age old question of cats or dogs.

Spoiler alert: Most states prefer dogs to cats. After all, they are a man’s best friend. Only a handful of states prefer cats to dogs, including Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada.

The Ultimate Debate: Cat versus Dogs

To find out whether or not household habits change if you’re a cat lover versus a dog lover, the survey asked questions about housekeeping to 300 cat lovers and 300 dog lovers. Surprisingly, the results show that it’s really difficult to say which group has differentiating habits.

Both cat and dog lovers do their dishes right away and try to keep their bathrooms clean. Even though most people hate these painfully repetitive chores, both cat and dog people can agree that they are a necessity to keeping life organized.

However, cat and dog lovers are not always perfectly identical. There’s a tie-breaker when it comes to how dog lovers prepare for friends to come over. They’re more likely to do a quick clean up in their bathroom than cat lovers. Cat people are much more likely to put a lot of time and effort into making their space presentable for guests. On top of that, cat lovers are more likely to put their laundry away (right away) after it’s finished.

This goes to show that cat fans are just a little more OCD than their dog loving counterparts. While a dog person is much more carefree on how they go about their life and their cleaning habits, a cat person is on top of their household hygiene to keep their home in tip top shape.

How Pet Preferences Change Your Household Habits

Outside of just how a person cleans their space, this study identified trends in household habits and personal preferences. It turns out, both cat and dog people have similar household preferences—just like their chore habits.

Dog and cat lovers both prefer to set the home temperature at moderate. However, the cat people like to keep their home warm while the dog people like to keep the cooler temperature. This just gives the dog owners the opportunity to snuggle up to their pup under cozy blankets to compensate for the colder temperatures. Regardless of the pet you love, most Americans are likely to sleep with the fan on in their bedroom.

How Your Schedule Matches Your Pet’s

If the early bird catches the worm, then dog lovers catch a lot of worms. Dog people love to enjoy a leisurely morning, whereas cat lovers are not really early birds. This should come as no surprise, as a dog is much more likely to wake up early in the morning eager to get up and going.

Cat lovers who are more likely to sleep in are also more likely to be addicted to their caffeine. A cat owner probably has their morning cup of joe ingrained in their daily routine before they become their loveable, perky self.

The Bottom Line…

When it comes to cat vs dog people, are we really that different? The survey says no. Despite the age old debate, we may be more similar than many assume. Pet preferences aside, we all share similar chore and household habits, and we all love our pets endlessly. At the end of the day, it is surprising to see we’re not as different as we think.

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Melody Porter
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