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The Mysterious Sixth Sense of Dogs

Unraveling Earthquake Detection

By Paula RPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
The Mysterious Sixth Sense of Dogs

Did you know that dogs, along with many other animals, can actually predict when an earthquake is coming? And while most animals predict earthquakes just seconds before the event, scientists now believe they can sense earthquakes days and even weeks before!

Are you curious about how dogs have this almost supernatural ability? Well, stick around. In today’s article, we’re diving into the scientific reason why dogs are able to predict these natural disasters. Welcome to "The Smart Canine," the show that explores the most interesting facts and stories behind dogs. But before we begin, remember to hit that subscribe button for more fascinating dog stories like this.

The Prelude to Panic: A Historical Snapshot

Let's revisit the year 1989 in San Francisco, California. The city was buzzing with excitement over one of the most anticipated World Series matchups, featuring cross-town rivals: the Oakland Athletics and the San Francisco Giants. However, just moments before Game 3 could start, disaster struck. A 6.9 magnitude earthquake hit San Francisco live on television, resulting in chaos, destruction, and the tragic loss of 63 lives.

But here's the intriguing part: minutes before the quake, dogs across the Bay Area began exhibiting strange behaviors—fleeing, barking, and scratching. Hundreds of dog owners reported these oddities. This phenomenon wasn’t isolated to the 1989 earthquake. Similar reports surfaced during Japan's disastrous 9.0 magnitude earthquake in 2011, which led to the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Historical accounts, such as one from 373 B.C. in Ancient Greece, also document animals displaying unusual behavior days before significant quakes. This recurring pattern challenges the notion of coincidence and suggests a more profound capability within our canine friends.

How Do Dogs Do It?

Dogs are known for their extraordinary senses, and one theory suggests they detect "P waves" or compressional waves, which are seismic body waves that travel out from an earthquake's epicenter. These waves occur seconds before the more noticeable shaking starts, and while these are too subtle for humans to detect, dogs with their acute senses might sense them.

However, this theory doesn’t account for behaviors observed days or weeks before a quake. This is where a dog's superior hearing capabilities come into play. Scientists speculate that dogs might hear the seismic activity of tectonic plates moving or rocks fracturing deep within the Earth, noises that are imperceptible to humans.

Dr. Stanley Coren’s study in 2001 provided inadvertent support for this theory. On the day before a significant quake in the Pacific Northwest, there was an unusual spike in anxiety and activity levels among dogs surveyed, particularly those with acute hearing capabilities.

Beyond Hearing: A Symphony of Senses

Japanese researchers studying the Fukushima earthquake posited that dogs might detect a range of pre-earthquake signals, from atmospheric pressure changes and gravity shifts to vibrations from microcracks in tectonic plates and even gas emissions from the ground. The theory suggests that dogs feel the cumulative effect of these subtle environmental changes, which could explain their restlessness or anxiety before an earthquake strikes.

Should You Worry?

If your dog starts acting strangely, it doesn’t necessarily mean an earthquake is imminent. Dogs might react to other unusual sounds or even experience health issues. However, it’s always wise to prepare for natural disasters, ensuring the safety of your family and pets. Keep essentials like food, water, and medication stocked and maintain a calm demeanor, as dogs are sensitive to their owners' emotions.


While there is no definitive scientific proof that dogs can predict earthquakes, anecdotal evidence and some studies suggest there might be more to their behaviors than meets the eye. As research continues, perhaps we'll uncover more about the mysterious connection between animals and natural phenomena.

Dogs never cease to amaze us with their sensitivity to the environment, whether they’re detecting seismic activities or merely reacting to less noticeable changes. These are fascinating stories that explore the extraordinary abilities of our dogs and how amazing they are.

How has your dog reacted to unusual or unexpected events? Have they ever displayed odd behaviors that made you wonder if something was about to happen? Share your stories in the comments below if you found this exploration into canine capabilities intriguing.


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