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Abandoned by the owner of the Garfield cat, cowering in the sewer shivering, after being rescued cute like an angel

by bobo 2 months ago in cat
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From the moment a cat is brought home, its owner takes on the responsibility of caring for it for life. Cats that have adapted to domestic life grow up under the care and love of their owners, while losing their ability to survive independently in the wild

No matter what breed of cat, once used to pampered life, abandoned by the owner, it is doomed to its future miserable fate, if you are not sure whether you can be responsible for the cat's life, it is better not to take it home in the first place.

A note under a cat food bowl

A little brother has a lot of cats in his family and feeds the stray cats in his neighborhood. He also spays and neuters the kittens at his own expense to find suitable adoptive families.

On that day, my brother, as usual, went to the downstairs community to feed a stray cat, accidentally found a piece of paper under the food bowl to feed the cat, opened it, the content of the paper made him both distressed and angry, a Garfield cat was abandoned by his owner, the owner also wanted to let my brother take in the cat.

It is not clear when the piece of paper appeared, so it is not clear how long the cat has been abandoned by its owner, whether it is still there, or whether it is rushing to the spot with a sense of responsibility for its life.

However, after reaching the spot written on the note, the boy searched around for nearly half an hour, but never gave up, he kept playing the cat's meow on his mobile phone.

Suddenly, there seems to be a faint cat meow in the air. The source of the sound is actually from the sewer! The cat, who has never left the house since birth, is afraid to go anywhere after being abandoned by his owners and has to hide in a damp, dark drain.

Probably out of fear of the unknown environment, despite the little brother how to call, the cat has been hiding in the sewer, refused to come out.

The picture shows him with tears in his eyes

Clever little brother immediately thought of the mobile phone! He was able to get a full view of the cat with the help of his phone, which he inserted into a crevices in the sewer.

It was a milky white Garfield cat, with a lovely face like a steamed stuffed bun, such a lovely face, but no joy, there in addition to timidity and tears.

The cat's tiny body crumpled up and shivered helplessly. Long tears covered half its face, and there was no telling how long it had been wandering.

The little brother realized that it was very difficult to catch the cat without an owner and with only two hands. When Garfield calmed down a bit, he took out the strip he was carrying and stretched it out to the cat. The cat was probably starving. After a moment's hesitation, he approached the strip and began to eat.

The little brother realized that the cat's weakness was food. Of course, a cat bar could not fill his stomach. He quickly called his family to fetch the trap cage, put some food in it, and then quietly stayed by the side to observe.

The cat did not resist the temptation of the food, after a period of time, the hungry cat carefully emerged from the sewer, hesitated for a while, it still walked into the cage.

The cat, a long-haired Garfield with a beautiful coat, was then taken to the pet hospital, where it was covered in sewage and smelly.

Perhaps due to poor care by his original owner, the youngster developed a severe skin condition that forced him to shave off his long, beautiful coat.

When he was adopted, he was as cute as an angel

After half a month in hospital, the cat was discharged successfully! After staying at his home for a while, he welcomed his new owner, a little sister with many years of experience in raising cats.

Garfield's temper is really super good, no matter how the little sister touch, it will not resist, but also a face to enjoy the expression. New home, not only love its owner, but also play with cat friends.

With the help of tolerance and love, the spirit of the little guy is getting better and better. Slowly, the tears on his face gradually disappear, and the fur is growing out bit by bit. Now, it is as cute as an angel, and only half a year has passed since the cat was picked up.

Once Garfield cat, did not meet the responsible owner, was the owner left in the community silently waiting for death, fortunately, in this world, there are a lot of good people who care about it, let the little guy regain a new life.

If the little brother had not seen the note, the Garfield cat might have been quietly hidden in the sewer, until slowly died.

Cats are really cute, but keeping a cat is not easy at all. In addition to ensuring food and clothing for cats, it is also necessary to put up with many small "problems". For example, this Garfield cat has a sweet and gentle personality.

I hope that every friend who plans to raise a cat will think twice before they act. Don't be blinded by the cute appearance of cats. If they can't continue to raise cats for some reason, please don't abandon them at will, because they have lost the ability to live independently.


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