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The Muppet cat, known as the "cat fairy," is cute, but it also has its shortcomings

by bobo 2 months ago in cat
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When it comes to Muppet cats, many people describe them like this: "beautiful as a fairy, falling into the world of spirits". With their unique temperament and beautiful appearance, the puppet cat has won the love of countless people. Many people like to keep this kind of cute cat


It's not just their physical attractiveness that makes Muppet cats so popular

1. Muppet cats are beautiful

It is a medium to long, silky, usually "bib" hair that makes its small face even more petite. The Muppet cat has blue eyes, which are deeper than the blue eyes of a Siamese cat, with its beautiful features. Its color and color are various, but are composed of three major parts, respectively, fur color, pattern and pattern.

Just figure them out to find out what your favorite Muppet cat is. Muppet cat is a large pet cat, adult male weight can reach 6.8kg -9KG, feel is very thick ah, very in line with the imagination of modern cats. Beautiful Muppet cat

2. Muppet cats are very docile

Yes, it is gentle. You can handle a cat all you want, and it won't put up much of a fight, even though one of the things a puppet cat loves most is to be held by a cat. The Muppet cat has a strong tolerance for pain. Even if there are children at home, it will not have any stress reaction when being bullied by children. It is very suitable for families with children and the elderly. Compared to other cats, muppet cats get relatively little exercise and do not make a mess in their home.

3. High compliance

Muppet cats are very submissive, they will come to you as soon as you bark, and of course most of the time the muppet cat will stay close to you, most of the time the muppet cat is very submissive. It is also very intelligent, and there are some simple instructions that the Muppet cat can learn very quickly. Whether to listen to my description that this cat should only be in the sky, the world that several times smell ah! But Muppet cats are not perfect, they are also a bit fierce.


Muppet cats are cute, but they're also vulnerable, and these flaws can be daunting

1, weak stomach

Siamese cats may be genetically strong, or they may be the result of artificial breeding, and they are also prone to loose bowels. Although Muppet cats will eat anything and are not picky about food, if they eat too casually, they will have diarrhea the same day. Therefore, the Muppet cat can only eat certain cat food, if one cat food for a long time, change it to another cat food, even if the price is expensive, it will still have diarrhea, and there are many cat food, do not know which one will step on the thunder.

In fact, cat food is the best, after all, cat food is very cheap. Muppet cats have a characteristic, is their stomach and intestines are relatively fragile, can not move will cause gastrointestinal discomfort, leading to diarrhea and other conditions, which is a lot of people's eyes more "hypothetic". In this regard, shovel excrement officer to be particularly careful, can not give them random eat oh, the suggestion is to give priority to cat food.

2, the price is expensive, spend more money

Muppet cats are hot cats, and they are foreign dog breeds, like a lot of people, but buy a price is not cheap oh. The price of a puppet cat, literally can be over ten thousand, for small series of poor, really said that even can not afford to buy, let alone raise! The average price of pet grade Muppets is also around 8,000, and even cheap Muppets start at 5,000. A little better product, the price is too much that is also a light thing.

3, hair is difficult to comb

Known as "little fairies," Muppet cats are characterized by their beautiful hair and an overall high level of physical appearance. But they are more demanding on hair care. Although it feels great to the touch, being pretty doesn't come without a price, and one price -- it requires constant grooming. The hair of a puppet cat, if ignored too often, will become knotted. Once it is knotted, it must be cut. There is no better way.

Then a good muppet cat will become a dog. At the same time, this problem is unavoidable, especially the hair shedding of long-haired cats, home vacuum cleaners, hair adhesives, is not to worry about. Spend a certain amount of time each day combing and removing floating hairs. This needs the owner to pay more attention to, every day to comb the cat the best, in addition to regular deworming, but also pay attention to diet oh, healthy hair.

4. Have a range of genetic diseases

The Muppet cat strain appeared in the 1960s, and they were initially inbred. So there are two fatal genetic diseases: hypertrophic heart disease, most of which starts between the ages of four and eight. There is also polycystic kidney disease, the onset of the age between 3 and 10 years, some puppet kittens are diagnosed around 6 months.

5, too clingy, no personal space

It is a very clingy cat, which means that if you have a muppet cat, there is almost no room to yourself at home, because you will find that they will follow you wherever you go. When keeping a cat, no matter how busy the owner is, it is necessary to spend some time with them. Occasionally, you can reward the cat with a delicious freeze-dried snack, which can not only enhance the relationship, but also grind the teeth to supplement the nutrition.


In the face of these shortcomings, what should owners do to raise a Muppet cat

1. Keep your mouth shut

Muppet cats are really greedy and will eat almost anything, so be sure to watch the mouth, after all, high fat is a kind of original sin. If the Muppet eats the cat food with its head tilted and cannot change the food often, changing the food often can also cause belly problems in the cat. Muppet cats must be controlled, such as overweight muppet cats are prone to other diseases.

2. Comb your hair frequently

The Muppet cat has to be combed every day. Keep your cat's hair trimmed as well, as Muppet cats are more likely to trip over their own foot fur, which can make a mess in the house. It's best to have a vacuum cleaner to clean up the hard-to-clean fur.

3. Never ignore the Muppet cat

Muppet cats also love their owners, so they need to be petted and cared for every day. At the same time, muppet cats are also easily jealous, especially in multi-cat households, where they are easily bullied by other cats.

4. Don't let the cat get lost

Since Muppet cats don't have any ability to survive in the wild, if a Muppet cat gets lost in the wild, it will end up with only one. I hope your cat stays healthy for a while.

Because of the long sweet, gentle, lover and other reasons, the puppet cat has a lot of people. However, for the inexperienced novice cat owner, it is definitely a pit, and the pit is deep, its series of defects will let the owner worry, so the novice cat needs to think twice.


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