6 Most Effective Ways to Deal with Joint Pain in Dogs

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6 Most Effective Ways to Deal with Joint Pain in Dogs

Nowadays, having a pet like a dog or a cat is a common trend, as they are amiable and loyal. Children as well as elders love to hang around with them.

But it’s a depressing truth that these pets often suffer from joint pain regardless of their age, and the reason behind arthritis is the deterioration of ligaments and cartilage between bones. Whenever your pooch moves, bones rub against each other and cause pain.

So, when you notice your pup is limping, lazy or losing weight, immediately take action and consult a veterinarian for the right type of medicine. Preferably choose a homeopathic-based supplement like Pet Bounce.

I rounded up a few tips which are useful in dealing with the joint pain in dogs to make them feel better and recover efficiently:

1. Concentrate on the diet for the proper health and weight

Check out the diet your pet is dwelling on and try to make it high in protein and other nutrients. You can also add anti-inflammatory products to their diet, which reduces the pain and swelling. A nutrient-rich diet greatly helps in recovering from the pain.

2. Useful exercises to keep them active

Once your dog is besieged by joint pain, it is difficult for them to have long walks and intense exercises. It is better for you to choose some low-impact exercises like small walks, swimming, or throwing some balls so that the pet can chase them.These will help restore the strength and liveliness of your dog and help in maintaining a healthy weight. To help your dog relax, you can use physical therapies and acupuncture, but always remember to hire a professional for both physical therapy and acupuncture so that it can be done accurately without harming the pet.

3. Regular veterinary checkups for your dog's health

A veterinarian can only detect the change in canine health if you visit them for a regular checkup. Regular checkups help in maintaining the dog’s healthy lifestyle as well as getting the proper treatment. If joint pain or swelling is detected, then a professional can suggest the proper course of action by prescribing medicine and certain kinds of pain relievers and supplements that can be easily given to a dog by mixing it in food or water.

4. Pay attention to their weight

We all know that being overweight is the cause of many serious problems, including joint pains in humans as well as in pets. More weight puts more strain on the legs and joints. Try to make your pet exercise daily and serve them a healthy diet full of essential nutrients in the right amount. A balanced weight reduces joint pain and can keep your pet fit and fine, so this is truly a great way to keep your dog healthy.

5. Proper massage for your dog

For relaxation, pain relief and reducing arthritis discomfort, massage therapy is the best for dogs. You can try a daily massage or book a professional massage therapist for your dogs. Massage increases the blood circulation of your dog and helps them to live a healthy, happy life without pain. It will help in detecting the wounds and lumps on your dog's body.

6. Natural supplements for an arthritis-free life

A natural supplement made up of all-natural ingredients can reduce the pain and inflammation while your dog is suffering from joint pains. And the most important thing is, they are safe and have conclusive results in curing this problem. You can add chondroitin and glucosamine supplements, as they are good for healthy joint mobility. You can also try Pet Bounce nature-based multi-vitamin supplements for dogs to help them to live an arthritis-free life.

Good luck!

Kiran R
Kiran R
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