10 of the Richest Pets in World's History

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All people have a myriad of follies. However, rich people have the strangest habits. Working hard and accumulating money throughout their whole lives, they will the entire estate to their pets with ease. What is this?

10 of the Richest Pets in World's History

Lightheadedness, hopelessness, or a manifestation of boundless love? One can unlikely find the answer to this question ever but why not try? Let’s get acquainted with the richest pets in world history. Maybe the cases reviewed will bring us an insight into the reasons for their financial success.

Gunther IV

This German Shepherd Dog belongs to the richest dog family in the world. Gunter IV represents the second generation of this wealthy family. His father, Gunter III, inherited $106 million from his caregiver Countess Karlotta Liebenstein of Germany. In his turn, Gunter IV inherited the capital after the father. His trustees turned out to be enterprising people. They used the money not just to take care of the pet but also boosted the fortune. Today Gunter IV owns $350 million.


The cat of German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld became the second richest pet in the world. The designer died this year and left all his wealth to the only “relative” he had—Birman cat Choupette. She should get around $200 million by inheritance. Indeed, the cat’s status of the second richest pet is still in question. The laws of France, where Karl Lagerfeld lived with his pet, do not allow animals to be somebody’s inheritors regardless of the testator’s will. So, while lawyers are trying to solve this legislative collision, we will consider Choupette as one of the richest pets.


This story is not about a rich animal so much as about a cunning woman. Patricia O’Neill bequeathed her fortune to a chimpanzee since she did not want her husband to inherit a single cent from her. So, one fine day, the chimpanzee Kalu gained a loving family, warm care, own mansion, and became the sole beneficiary of her owner. One can imagine the level of indignation of Patricia O’Neill’s husband when he was announced of Kalu inheriting $90 million.

Toby Rimes

Toby Rimes is the most famous and the richest poodle in the world. Yes, it is not a literal error: Toby Rimes is not a single dog but a generation of poodles with the same name. The first Toby Rimes became rich in 1932 when he (it) inherited $92 million from his(its) owner Ella Wendel who worried about her pet’s future life. Then, all of the poodle’s offspring were named Toby Rimes to continue inheriting the money from generation to generation. So, this dog family is not only the richest but also the smartest one.

Oprah Winfrey's dogs

The favorite pets of Oprah Winfrey have not got yet their fortune but they are assured of becoming the richest dogs when their owner will pass away. The assured inheritance sum makes about $30 million. Their future promises to be rather lavish if they happen to live longer than their loving owner.


Cat Tommaso is one of the richest cats ever. His owner, Maria Assunta, inherited $13 million after the death of her husband who was a successful builder. Evidently, she loved her cat more than anybody else since she left all the money to him.


How many times have you heard the phrase “stupid chicken”? One could unlikely apply it to Gigoo chicken whose wallet is fatter than many people’s wallets. This Scots Dumpy hen happened to be a pet of British publishing tycoon, and inherited $15 million after his death! One can only guess about the reasons for such generosity. Maybe Gigoo could lay gold eggs and Blackwell just rewarded her for this. Of course, this is a joke.


Fortune seems to favor dogs. These animals become rich more often than other pets. Conchita is a happy dog that can afford anything she wants: fashion clothes, luxury accessories and even jewelry with natural gemstones, not lab-grown diamonds. Socialite Gail Posner left her $8,4 million to live an extra luxury life.


This lucky chimpanzee could be called an animal of royal lineage. He (it) was a pet of Michael Jackson known as “King of Pop.” People say Bubbles was not just a pet but the singer’s closest friend. They shared meals and even slept in one bed. Most likely, they were even closer than one can imagine. The death of Michael Jackson affected Bubbles as if he was human. He became aggressive and $2 million he inherited from the owner could not mitigate his pain or make him happier.


Not only dogs and cats could be the oof-birds! Tortoises have a chance to be among the luckiest animals, as well. Silverstone, the aged pet of Christina Foyle, is a bright confirmation thereof. Being one of six of Christina’s pets, he (it) inherited the greatest amount of money from her—about $27,000. But actually, money is not the least advantage he had got. Silverstone was lucky to stay in usual living conditions. He was tended by his owner’s former housekeeper he used to live with before. We guess the latter is the most valuable thing for him than the money.

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