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10 Healthiest Human Foods for Your Dog

Want to treat your dog with the healthy foods you love? These are the healthiest human foods for your dog to enjoy, too!

By Penny NewtonPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

Some of us love to share our food with our pets... well, sometimes. Sharing as in actually handing it to them and not getting your burger, and possibly you hand, snatched by your dog. They can be reckless at times, but we love them unconditionally because they're one of the main reasons in bringing joy to our lives. Except when they steal the food straight from our hands...

Anyways, there are times when we actually do give our dog a bite of our food. While it's human food, dogs can't eat everything that we eat. There are certain foods that aren't good for them and then there are healthy foods that are great to both dogs and humans! Some of these foods are loaded with vitamins and minerals that can benefit your dog's health. If you want to know which foods are the best for your pup, these are the healthiest human foods for your dog to enjoy with you!


Yes, as exotic and strange as it sounds, coconuts are something that can be great for your dog! Not only does it taste super delicious, but it'll boost your pup's health in so many ways. The tropical fruit contains Lauric, which is known to strengthen the immune system in order to fight off illnesses and viruses!

Coconut is also great for helping skin conditions, flea allergies, and even bad breath. Coconut milk or coconut oil is fine for dogs, as well. Next time your cutting open a coconut, give your dog a bite of the coconut meat! Just make sure he's not eating the shell.


Among the healthiest human foods for your dog, eggs certainly come with many benefits! But make sure that the eggs are fully cooked. Aside from that, eggs are loaded with protein and can cure an upset stomach.

Never give your furry friend a raw egg, because it can cause salmonella and biotin deficiency. Before considering giving your pet an egg or two, fully cook them, and now the two of you can enjoy a hearty breakfast meal!


Cashews are among the healthiest of nuts for humans and dogs, too! Cashews are chock-full of calcium, antioxidants, protein, and magnesium that can boost your pup’s health. However, these nuts contain less fat than others, and too many can cause your dog to gain a few pounds. So, make sure you give her a little at a time—never a whole bowl.

Just a couple of cashews can be a great natural dog treat for your dog! Only when they're unsalted, avoid salty or other flavored cashews. Instead of a dog treat, substitute it with cashews, but limit the amount your giving her.

Peanut Butter

Easily one of dog's favorite snacks and among the healthiest human foods for your dog—peanut butter! What dog doesn't love a good spoon of peanut butter? Since peanuts in general are great for dogs through good fats and protein, peanut butter also contains health advantages like good fats, vitamins E and B, and niacin.

The best type of peanut butter to give to your dog is a jar of raw and unsalted peanut butter. While it's seen as the healthiest option for your furry one, find a jar that doesn't contain xylitol and sugar substitute, because it can be fairly dangerous to your dog. So, offer your dog a thick spoon-full of peanut butter or simply toss him a partially empty jar of peanut butter to snack on!


Fish is amazing for your dog since it’s one of the best and healthiest human foods for your dog to eat. Fish consists of the good fats as well as amino acids that truly benefit your dog’s health. And the best types of fish to offer your pet is salmon and sardines.

Salmon is filled with protein and vitamins while sardines feature soft, digestible bones for more calcium in their system. Still, you should be cautious and remove the bigger bones from fish. Also, avoid raw fish and give your dog fish no more than twice a week.


Yes, pork! Believe it or not, pork is one of the healthiest human foods for your dog. While pork contains a lot of amino acids, it’s a highly digestible protein and includes way more calories per pound compared to other meats. So, yes, pork is among the best meats you can give to your dog.

In addition, pork is actually less likely to cause your dog an allergic reaction compared to other meats. So whip up a slab of pork, and your pup will love you way more, even though that's impossible, because she already loves you to her heart's content.


Your honey will definitely love honey! Sorry... but honey is wonderful for your dog. It contains so many vitamins and nutrients for your little one to enjoy without guilt. Honey includes vitamins like A, B, C, D, E, and even K, as well as magnesium, copper, calcium, and other antioxidants.

Simply feeding your dog a small amount on a spoon can help her get rid of allergies since it brings in a tiny bit of pollen into their system. This way, it’ll toughen their immune system and prevent future allergies.


Chicken is without a doubt one of the healthiest human foods for your dog to eat! Chicken is loaded with vitamins and nutrients to boost your pup’s health. Also, you can feed chicken in few different ways, including in an organic dog food recipe!

Cooked chicken is ideal to serve your dog, either offering bits as a snack or as a full meal. But never give your dog cooked chicken bones, because the bones' hardness can be very dangerous. So make sure you debone the cooked chicken before serving. Aside from that, raw chicken and even raw chicken bones are safe for your dog to enjoy. Raw chicken bones are soft and easy to handle compared to cooked bones.


A whole carrot can be your dog’s new favorite snack to chew on! Carrots in general are chock-full of benefits like high in fiber and vitamin A. They’re also pretty low in calories, perfect if your chubby furry friend is on a special diet.

While carrots are ideal for chewing, they’re also amazing for your dog’s teeth. So, when you're running low on snacks for your dog to chew on for a while, a whole carrot is perfect!


Lastly, among the healthiest human foods for your dog to enjoy is yogurt. Yogurt tastes so good in general, and now you can give your dog a little taste of heaven, as well. It's also a really great food that can easily be digested.

Yogurt is loaded with protein, calcium, and digestive cultures that can definitely improve your dog’s health. However, the yogurt you should be offering your dog should include live active cultures, non-fattening, and doesn’t include any sweeteners or flavors. Simple yogurt can work wonders for your furry one!


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