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Your haters are low key obsessed with you 🤫

They publicly hate you but privately adore you

By Monique WilliamsPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

Don’t be fooled, success doesn’t silence your haters. In fact, they get louder the more you succeed. What kills me about these types of people is they gather a smear campaign against you. Theses types of individuals usually tend to surround themselves around other people who don’t like you. Usually in order to support their claims and to bash you even more. Usually, they will use a friend, a coworker, or even a romantic interest to gather tidbits of information about you. They desperately scramble for an angle through whatever means to find out where you live, where you work, what you do for a living. They use this information to spread gossip and spread lies about you, all the while not even knowing what’s really going on in your life. And will even go as far stalking your workplace and the area you live just to watch you. Digging through your personal things for any dirt or information they can find on you, doing background checks, all types of desperate things that make them look even more crazy and delusional than they already are. They will even ask around about you, if they can’t find any information online or through means of social media. In some cases, they’d go as far as trying to sabotage your job by lying on you to ruin your professional reputation as well, hating that people see you in such a good light. All the while stalking your social media profiles, if you have one, but claiming that they hate you, or that they can’t stand you. No one exhausts that much energy if they really don’t like you. In fact, a person who genuinely doesn’t like you knows nothing about you and quite frankly doesn’t care to. But the sad part is, they will never admit that they really do like/respect you in some way or another, not even to themselves.

The Sad Reality the Hater Eventually has to Face

See, the thing about the people that the haters envy is they’ve been through hell and high water. And instead of crumbling, the hated individual prospers. All types of obstacles may get in their way. But they manage to thrive and rise above those situations and actually make something out of themselves, and the hater hates them for that. Why? Probably because they’re too weak and or weak minded to actually go through all that and still manage to succeed and STILL be determined to succeed. Or perhaps they don’t have the stamina or the assertiveness required to keep going in situations that would otherwise crush the strongest individual. The truth is, they admire and respect you, but would never admit it to your face. They know that if the shoe was on the other foot, they would fold like a lawn chair. They go to great lengths, dragging your name through the mud, talking down on you, like I said social media stalking, trying to find annyyy little thing they can degrade you about. Whether it’s your looks, your neighborhood, the kind of car you drive, the clothes you wear, anything. All the while, they wish they could embody your essence. They wish they were as magnetic and charismatic as you are. They wish they were as attractive as you. And sometimes they wish they were as intelligent and intellectual as you. And in some cases, they wish they were as successful, career and education wise as you. So, instead of admitting it, it comes out in other ways. Like them talking about the clothes you wear or your style, and then turning around and wearing the same thing. Or them mocking the way you talk, but then talking the same ways you do. Or trying to befriend you so they can run and tell your business. Or trying to sabotage everything you try to pursue (relationships, jobs, your happiness, etc). But here’s the thing every single hater has in common, they will never admit their jealousy. And that’s okay. Just know that their jealousy has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with them and how they feel inside about themselves. In all honesty we need hate and opposition, or else we’d be just as complacent and miserable as the people hating us for our success. Learn to block out the white noise. It only serves as a distraction and that’s exactly how they want you. Focused on them and their miserable lives while they’re spending most of their energy focused on you.

Be at peace my friends, not in pieces ✌🏽♥️

Love and light 🙏🏽


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Hello everyone,

I’m Monique talented writer who works in the medical field. I’m also a full time student at SNHU. My stories will be focused towards counseling and healing so thank you for reading and thanks in advanced for the support.

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