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You Live Your Dreams

by Sound And The Messenger 2 years ago in success


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Just recently I was privileged enough to work for the Aspen Skiing Company up in Snow-mass, and one of my coworkers would constantly reply "You live your dreams" to customers that would ask if they could ski a certain way or be a certain way. It was extremely catchy, and I came away wanting to use the phrase myself, and now I'm using it quite frequently with this kids camp that I'm working at over the summer. Yet, I feel there's a deeper lesson here—and one for adults. So often we're looking for our path, and our purpose, and what we're supposed to do in this life. What is the best way that we can help the world, and thus feel the most fulfilled. My good friend and mentor Cynthia Clark recently interviewed life coach Caryn McCurry in her podcast Life Is In Your Hands. In the episode Caryn goes on to explain that one of the main ways to discover your life's purpose and thus ease with success is to dig deep into what brought joy into your life as a child. I encourage everyone to follow this podcast as there is a lot of helpful tidbits, but this one point made a lot of sense to me. It tells us to dig in, and live our wild dreams.

Escaping the "Make a Living" Mentality

How to find our life purpose is the question though. More and more people are starting to ask the question instead of looking at life as making a living. One of my beloved guru's Sadhguru explains how we are here for so much more than "making a living," and explains how "an ant makes a living!" For an ant this is perfect. Humans have more potential he marks. Yet, Success does take vision, and so it can seem like a roller coaster ride finding that vision while darting around, and trying to pinpoint what that purpose exactly is. Secretly though, we know our purpose inside, I do believe. Just today I again had this momentary giant frustration on what my vision was, what my path was, and it wasn't an entry level job, as much as that seemed like a "safe" option. In this frustration, I went to social media, being in the low state I was in and the answer beamed back at me. It was actually a series of quotes my Divine had sent to me, which in turn I had then posted on Facebook a couple years back, and it came from the philosopher Rumi. He first states "There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the Earth," and then I read on, "As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears," and the concluding quote was, "If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished." The first quote was one lesson that had to be retaught to me, and still does—and it is that "you can't do it wrong." There is no way to live this life in a wrong way. Your own ego determines what is what, and to come to terms with this, and more so ease with this, leads to gigantic freedom! Then the second quote chimes in that "you're shoe will keep hitting you in the face no matter what." I got this message when I returned from my Hawaiian spiritual adventure with O and O Academy a few years back, and then was drawn by my Divine to see this weird music movie called XOXO. There is one part where one of the seemingly crazy characters actually reveals his wisdom, and we come to respect him as he explains how his "shoe is constantly coming back to him" There's some lovely lessons in that movie. I encourage everyone and anyone to watch it. Rumi explains that your dream will always be chasing you, and you'll really see that when you're not focused on it. Finally, in the last quote/lesson Rumi explains how it's good to ruffle the feathers a little. The humanitarian, and one of my beloved Guru's Sri Sri Ravi Shankar explained to me once that "through hard experiences we grow stronger." This was after I had been in Fukushima Japan in 2011 and was trying to process how the world could do its things. I personally witnessed how Japan grew stronger after this. Out of the rubble happiness and strength did come.

If You Want Ketchup On Your Salad Go For It!

In the end we don't know what success looks like until we're there. We don't know what another is experiencing at any given moment. In fact most change makers and jet setters in history were shunned for their actions, or they stumbled upon their masterpieces by making huge apparent blunders. Therefore "You live your dreams," and tell young learners nothing different in my experience, and in my opinion. We started dreaming when we learned how to harness fire, I believe. Isn't it interesting how that has become a symbol for discovery, for passion, for wonder. All it takes is few minutes around a campfire to ignite these words back into my own soul, and yet as I stare in i'm at peace. A fire is calming. We relax when we're feeding the flames, allowing change, and yet a fire not controlled can be a disaster too. Isn't that interesting, and aren't we thankful that there is water as well.

Sound And The Messenger
Sound And The Messenger
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