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Wild And Free on Weekdays

by Sharing Randomly 2 months ago in advice

Nature will always be there to help you

Wild And Free on Weekdays
Photo by Jan Canty on Unsplash

Who said that we could only have proper leisure time during the weekends? Only having two days to have fun is way too little if you ask me, we all have to enjoy every day we have.

Well, I have many acquaintances that really don’t know how to balance their professional or personal life. So they tend to work long overtime hours.

But for me, I have always valued my free time. Of course that I’m efficient at work and all of that but knowing that companies don’t pay overtime and never value the effort (that’s for another story), I still maintain that healthy mentality.

I have had the grateful opportunity of always living across a park. I remember when I was a kid, there was a humongous park and a library. You would know that this was heaven for us. My bigger sister and I would directly go over there when classes had finished.

We would sometimes hang out at the library (which had amazing reading challenges) or at the park.

Now let me tell you about this park and why we should all value these city luxuries. This location will ever be in my memory because of its beauty and because of the fun times we all had there.

At the entrance of the park, you could see a grandiose lake. And in the middle of the lake, you could see a rock formation that housed tons of swans and ducks. It may seem out of a movie but it was real. There were weeping trees all around it which gave it a fairy-like view. Imagine being there with a cool breeze rustling the branches and creating natural music.

Then you could hike a little and go to the other amenities. You could go to the basketball or tennis courts, go to the upper valley and see everything from above, there were all types of flowers, you had kids’ games, and so much more! It was truly a paradise. We could always have a pleasant time.

Having something like this while you are growing up is the best. You value nature a lot more and the quality time you can spend with your family.

By Lycheeart on Unsplash

With this being said, my family and I always had to balance our responsibilities with our leisure time. Therefore I knew the importance of balance from a very young age.

And what's better than spending it with nature? You feel the breeze, you hear the natural sounds, you feel the different textures and you can even see friendly animals here and there.

That’s why I will always prioritize having nature around me. I believe that when you go to these types of places, you can forget your problems, just if it's for a little moment. These parks are a breather for the oh-so-ever contaminated city but they are also a breather for the hectic city life.

These tiny healing trips can do wonders for your health and mainly for your mental health. I truly recommend going to these places once in a while, I hope we can all enjoy what nature is providing and so willingly giving us.


I wanted to share the reason why I started to really appreciate nature.

Have you had any moments like these? How can you distress from your everyday activities? Any type of greenery tends to evoke calmness in people, do you have some types of plants at your home?

This is how you can evoke a tranquil place if you are not close to a park, by having a garden of your own! Some plants inside your house can bring warmth to it and really make a difference to your overall mood.


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