Why You MUST Try

by Rosie Anne Wright 9 months ago in advice

Trying is just another word for doing.

Why You MUST Try

I am at a crossroads in my life.

I am currently at a point where I must action in my life and decide my next chapter.

It’s an exciting yet scary time, but I am grateful to be here.

I am grateful that I have taken ownership of my life to be there.

I am grateful that I have this opportunity to shape my future and take the active steps to create a life I am proud of and love. I am so lucky to be in this situation, despite how uneven the ground underneath feels.

We all know that feeling. That feeling of trying something new. Starting a new path. Beginning a new job or career. Maybe entering the dating scene or starting a business. Joining a new club or starting a new hobby.

You are giddy and excited, but you are approaching gingerly. Fearing if you go forward with full power, the floor will collapse behind your feet and you fall. Losing all hope and confidence.

Now, I am not criticising approaching things gingerly. An inspired action is always better than rushed action.

I applaud a gentle approach. I also applaud heading forward, full steam ahead. For that approach is full of energy, which the Universe loves. Finding the balance between caution and ambition is great way to start anything new.

Being grateful, excited and clear in your intentions I find is the best mindset for every and any endeavor in your life.

What I will criticise is not getting on that path in the first place.

Not starting that new hobby.

Not downloading those dating apps.

Not applying for that job.

Not creating that new business.

Not even trying.

Trying and failing does suck. I have been there. We all have. But you must pick yourself up and TRY again.

Being too scared to try is just awful because you will always remain stuck and sad about your current life. What a way to waste a life.

Not being bothered to try but still having the nerve to complain that you don’t have the life you want. We all know that guy. They complain they hate their job but don’t bother to look for another one. They complain they never get the relationship they want but never leave their house!

That’s the one I criticise the most!

You've got to at least try! Yes, you might "fail," but you might not!

I put quotation marks around "fail" because I don’t believe in "failure."

Every "fail" is a step in your success story.

I am at this crossroad in my life because of something many people would see as a "fail."

I am now embarking on a new path which many people would think will "fail."

But I am trying.

That’s all that matters. I will try and try again.

I will continue to try things for the rest of my life because try is just another word for doing.

I am doing things with my life because that is what will make it a beautiful and exciting life.

So, what about you?

Rosie Anne Wright
Rosie Anne Wright
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