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Why You Can't Find Your Dream Job

by kikolo162 2 months ago in advice
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Why You Can't Find Your Dream Job
Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Do you wake up in the morning wondering: "Should I continue this job? », « Am I in the right company? », « On the right career path ? », « Do what I am supposed to do with my life ? If so, you are not alone.

After interviewing more than 4.5 million French people, the Qapa agency reports that more than half of them do a job that does not suit them. Worse still, 65% of men and 59% of women even pretend to have a dream job to keep up appearances in front of their loved ones.

It is indeed difficult to find a job that you love because few people have discovered what they love to do. And given that the average Frenchman works 36.3 hours a week, few people jump out of bed singing these days. Not to mention the severe deterioration of mental health and depression caused by the COVID-19 epidemic.

Most of us can't find the job we went to school for sometimes even with the best resume tips in the world. Unless it's in a field that's not incredibly competitive like health care for example. It is the scourge of the modern age. You don't have the opportunity to do what you went to school to do or what you love, but you still have to work. You should take any job just to support yourself.

This is why there are millions of people who hate working and end up burning out; because it's not the job they want. Only a lucky few can do what they love and get paid for it. The rest of us are just cogs trapped from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day for 40 years.

So why can't you find the job you love?

Although long hours may be necessary, successful people spend their time on the right things. They can't even tell you how long they work. For them, it is not a question of the number of hours they devote per week or of balancing work and personal life, but of doing as often as possible what they love.


Sometimes it takes longer to figure out which is the right path. Understanding yourself and knowing what you can and cannot handle is a big part of determining your place in the job market. The key is to know yourself as deeply and as accurately as possible. According to Belbin's theory, we all have a specific personality that only manifests itself when we are part of a group. Understanding their strengths, weaknesses, and skills will take you far and open up opportunities for you.

When we are looking for a job, we look for the most well-known and attractive companies. Those who immediately attract their attention by their notoriety. We consult the vacancies on the company's website, then model our CV using a site such as and work on our arguments according to the position we think we want. One thus models oneself according to the specifications of another. The company presents its most attractive side and we adapt to meet the needs of the company. Six months later, at least one of the two finds himself dissatisfied.

That's why you need to be able to answer the following questions and stick with them when looking to apply for a better job.

- What gets me out of bed in the morning?

- What have I enjoyed doing the most so far and why?

- What do I do best?

- What am I most passionate about?

- What am I most curious about?

- If money weren't a problem, what would I do?

- What would an organization do that would make me want to work for it?

In conclusion, most of us cannot remove money from the question of why and where we work. The first question we ask ourselves most often is "How much do they pay?" », « What will my salary be? ". The answer generally determines whether one wishes to proceed with the selection process.


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