What to Do When You Don't Feel Special About Yourself

by Eny Joy 2 years ago in advice

My top 5 advice for people who're not feeling special and unique about themselves. Whenever you have a doubt about yourself, read this article, which might inspire you.

What to Do When You Don't Feel Special About Yourself

I'm crying while writing this article. I don't even feel sure whether or not I should publish it here. But Vocal seems reliable and safe for me.

So, first of all, the reason why I decided to write this article is pretty simple. Just a moment ago, I was feeling extremely sad about why I'm not special like other kids. Why I'm not good at something as other people. Maybe I'm still feeling it and maybe some of you felt this kind of emotion before, which is immensely tragic.

I think all people felt this bad feeling at least once. Especially teenagers, at my age. This is the moment exactly when we identify ourselves, find our true passion, and the real "you."

But let me tell you something, the fact that you are not unique is not bad. The lie you're telling yourself—"you're not even unique" repeatedly—is worse. Why? Because it is a lie. Because you are unique. You have those amazing talents, amazing personalities that the person who you think is better than you don't even have. So whenever you get a feeling that you're not special and worse than others, follow the steps above, which I used personally. Maybe those can make you feel better about yourself.

1. Take a deep breath.

Inhale and exhale. Close your eyes and feel that your heart is beating. You're alive. You still have so many years to experience fascinating adventures.

2. Get a piece of paper, then write down every advantage, every good personality, every quirk you have that represents you.

It can be the smallest things, like good at writing, or maybe you can be so kind so that you can reassure yourself that you have those extraordinary sides which belong to "you." Only you.

3. Know that you don't have to be good at everything.

Do you know why some people seem more special than others? Because they try to improve as well as work on their favorite, different qualities. She can be good at singing and you can be good at writing. Most of your friends are good at math doesn't mean you should be either. Then, the society would be filled with same, boring people who have interest in same, boring things. Can you imagine how dull would it be? So find out what you like, what you love to do. Then work on those abilities of yours. Improve them unstoppably. Don't try to be good at everything. Be the best in one field.

4. Forgive yourself.

Now you know you have very special quirks, what about focusing on our happy moment which is "now?" Now is happening. Future is going to come no matter what. However, we ain't ever fixing the past shameful mistakes besides forgiving ourselves. YOU ARE JUST A HUMAN. Was the life given to you with detailed instructions on how to live without breaking down? No. That means you have credits to fail, fail, and fail again, which all of us experience in some way. Please remember that our mistakes don't define us. Failing doesn't mean you became a bad person or less successful than others. If you learn from your mistakes, you get the chance to grow. Instead of over thinking about your past hurtful moments, let them go and try not to repeat the mistakes. Feel proud that you're failing, learning more stuff than those who don't even try to get out of their comfort zone.

5. Celebrate your eccentricities.

Whoever is reading this, /I don't think people would read this LOL/, let me remind you that you are so unique, so special, so beautiful. I know you get sorrowful about your flaws, imperfections, past mistakes or maybe your current life. But be grateful that you're imperfect. Because being imperfect is perfect. Celebrate your flaws, be happy that you're different and special.

Also, don't forget to keep improving, keep growing. Your potential is endless, so go do what you were created to do. I love you.

X, Eny.

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Eny Joy
Eny Joy
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