What self love really looks like

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What self love really looks like

When we think about self love we usually think just about loving everything about ourselves. While this is part of it, there's so much more to it. I have learned so much when I started to accept who I am. I'm still learning to accept myself but I'm slowly accepting who I am.

One of the first things I learned is once you start to love yourself you will be ok with people mad at you some of the time or maybe all of the time. You may not be ok with some people being mad you. Some people don't like there best friends being mad at them ever. There are people in the world that stand up for themselves and tell the truth and never care that someone may get mad at them.

The other thing is that you will stand up for yourself when necessary. You will say no more and stand up for what you believe in. When you don't love yourself you maybe more timid. When you are timid you tend to not when to stand up for yourself. When you are low on self love you tend to think that people walking all over you and saying whatever they want to you is fine. There are sometimes letting things go is the way to go. There's sometimes when you love yourself you don't care what people say about you or to you. You will stand up for yourself with grace when possible.

You'll also be ok with being blunt and honest. If this is why people get mad at you, you will be more than ok with it. When you are honest you won't be afraid of what they may think. Being ok with telling the truth is also a maturity thing too. When we grow up and mature we care less what people think. Honesty is less about making the other person liking you and them respecting you. You will learn this both when you love yourself and when you're mature.

When you love yourself you will see that while there maybe things you need to work on or change you will accept yourself while you work on yourself. You will also admit to your shortcomings and when you are wrong. If you don't think you need to work on yourself ask someone you know what you need to work on. People who love themselves can take criticism.

Self love is so important because if you don't love yourself then how can you expect anyone else to love you? I know that's an old quote but it's the truth! If you don't love yourself then you will attract the wrong type of people. You will know when you love yourself when you attract more quality people. When you are ok with yourself people will sense that and will be attracted to you.

Self love is not the same thing as being egotistical or overly proud. It's just being happy with who you are or ok with who are. You may not be fully where you want to be with life or weight but you have to accept where you're at to begin to love yourself. You can work on yourself while loving yourself, it's not a contradiction. Loving parts of yourself while you work on the rest is considered self love. Just be kind to yourself.

Posts like this are so important because we don't talk about self love and topics like this enough. It's important to know how to love yourself. I will being one on body positivity so stay tuned.

Lena Bailey
Lena Bailey
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