What Is Success

by Jay Ade 6 months ago in success

Personal Success

What Is Success

Many people have different views on what success is in life. To some it might be getting a job that pays very well and enjoying life, whilst to others it may be something else. Success is very overrated. Others might see someone driving a very expensive car and call that person successful, meanwhile the person that is driving that car might own it or is also struggling in life. The success I'm basing this story off is your personal success. Many of us start a year and finish that same year in the same position as we started.

Success can come in many ways but the best one is your personal success. We should always treat every day like tomorrow might end because if we stay wandering around and thinking about success it will never come. Set goals that have be met all the time. Make sure you do whatever it takes to get there. The feeling of hitting your goals that you set will take you to the rate of personal success.

Others base success on a number of things such as success in life by being able to live long, success in marriage by being able to last in a relationship with a spouse for so long or success in jobs or materialistic objects such as cars, houses, and so on and so forth. The truth about success is that it is actually what you as a person would like it to be. Happiness to some people so could a form of success and to other is may not. But whatever we find joy in we will find success. An example of this is in the workplace, there are two guys John and David. John works for himself and is living life easily and enjoys everything he is doing. Meanwhile David is working for a firm but he gains no enjoyment from the job. This could also be vice versa. David could be at a firm and be enjoying it and be successful meanwhile John could have his own business and not be successful. This all comes to show that we should be happy with whatever we do and do what you love. Don't do something for the sake of the money or for the sake someone else. Focus on what you believe in.

Many people grow up to being something they never wanted to be or work for someone they never wanted to work for or with. We mostly take things for granted until it has been taken from us. Although there are many people who just want to be normal or not be chasing success there are other people who aren't afraid to chase their dreams. Yes, fear is a big factor too. Many of us never wanted to focus on our dream but focus on what we think is right or correct. But when we see people that have been able to face that fear and be bold to go after their dreams we hate or make excuses knowing that we could have been in that person's shoes if we took the leap of faith and had belief.

It is not not only fear that stops people but the people around them, their company they keep. It could be family, friends, who knows who, but it's always down to an individual on how they get to where they want to get to. Some families don't help. They don't encourage or motivate individuals to do what most people would like to. Meanwhile friends steer individuals off the path that is right and into a different path which will end up a bad one. The are many factors to success. But the main focus point is always believe in your ability and never think you are at the finish line when you are just starting.

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