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What is Money?

by Mark Smith about a year ago in advice
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Time is money

'Money makes the world go around' as many times as we heard that phrase, theres some truth to the statement. We all need money to pay our monthly bills and rent. We need it to provide food and water for our families. We need it for valuable resources and to start our own business.

No matter how you live your life, almost everything about life has something to do with money, I mean how else are we going to use water to take showers? By simply paying your water bill. You need electric and gas in the house? Well your electric company and gas company certainly needs your timely payments.

There is so many ways to describe what money is, money gets us out of bed at 6 a.m to clock in for work, we work for guranteed income after all. If we want to cook up a mean tasty dinner tonight, we have to go to the supermarket and purchase the ingredients for that meal. Money is the cause of a toxic relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend. Money is the root of all evil.

By Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

Some folks will do crazy insane things for the dollar bill and most will work a job they hate, working overtime and breaking down their body just to gain an income that may be guranteed but highly unsatisfying. We all feel as though we need it however to just get by living the same mundane life and whats the reward after hours of your boss screaming at you and demanding job tasks? A paycheck. But not the paycheck that earns you finacial security.

To backtrack here, what is really money? I found out the origin from this book titled "Meet your Strawman And Whatever You Want To Know," it talks about how in England the unit of money was called "one pound sterling." That was because it was literally sterling silver weighing one pound. It was arranged that the actual silver could be held in a bank and a promissory note which was essentially a receipt for the deposit of each pound of silver was issued. Today, the currency in American is "bank notes" which are certainly easier to carry around than metal coins.

And the bank notes that we have in our pockets and bank accounts, we value that over principles and morals more than anything. Our intergrity is worth more than a 20 dollar bill. The real purpose of money is not how much you spend or how much you save or how much you have of it, its about sustaining a living off of it. Nothing in this world is free and if there was no price tag on everything, money would be pointless.

It's important to note that yes money is needed to keep a roof on top of our head. But we must not get entangled in the allure of money and our available account balance. If your constantly chasing money all the time and wishing you hit the lottery, you will start to lose yourself. Like I said people will do insane things for money, sell themselves out and possibly inflict hurt onto innocent people just for the money.

I started to see how money is changing people, its making folks more selfish and arrogant. Sometimes I see on social media of people taking pics of them holding their money or stacking it like its bread. Having lots of money is nothing to brag about. Some of us want to be rich just to satisfy your ego and thats a scary thing. I feel like obsessing over cash prevents us from seeing the bigger picture of life. We allow money to be the reason why we find happiness and not find from within, this is completely external.

Do not let money define your overall satisfaction.

Thanks for reading.


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