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What Embracing Abundance Taught Me About Gratitude

And how we can reclaim our right to abundance

By Rejoice DenherePublished 2 years ago 3 min read
What Embracing Abundance Taught Me About Gratitude
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How do you measure abundance in your life? Is it in financial or material terms? If it is, then a life spent pursuing material things could be seen as abundantly successful. This is good news for people like Bill Gates, but what does it mean for the rest of us? How do we define and measure abundance, and can we embrace it? Can we use our limited time here to make a positive impact while creating an abundance of wealth which won’t just entail material wealth? I think we can.

My personal journey began when my mother was unexpectedly taken ill. It was a challenging time both mentally and emotionally. We were fortunate to find a surgeon that was willing to perform extremely risky surgery with more cons than pros. But you have to try everything, right? I remember the anxiety I felt when a member of the surgical team called me during the surgery. “You need to come,” he said.

Those four words changed everything I had believed about life and abundance. What good is an abundance of material wealth when you don’t have your loved ones, or your health? I decided, there and then, to redefine what abundance meant for me and forge my own path to live in that state.

The concept of abundance has been around for a long time. In ancient times things that we take for granted today — shelter, health, safety, wealth, and even happiness — were once considered luxuries. For this reason we fail to appreciate them, until we lose them.

I am grateful that my mother’s surgery was successful. I embraced a new way of thinking as I reflected on the meaning of life and how things can change in an instant. I read books by authors such as Florence Scovel-Shin, Dr Joseph Murphy, Dr Bruce Lipton, and Neville Goddard. Their writings opened my mind to new concepts and ideas. They helped me recognise that abundance is a state of mind, and that I could change my beliefs by reprogramming my subconcious mind. What I learnt pushed me to find ways to share what I learnt and help others flourish.

As with anything that challenges beliefs some people were less supportive than others. While some people may see this type of thinking as quite counter-intuitive, I can attest that it has helped me greatly in both my personal life and in business.

What Embracing Abundance Has Taught Me About Gratitude

Embracing abundance puts me in the right mind-set for gratitude and has given me more reasons to be grateful. It keeps me from focusing on scarcity. The more gratitude I express, the more abundance I see in my life.

I have witnessed firsthand how when we focus on the right things we begin to see that notice that abundance is everywhere.

Selfishness is the cause root of scarcity. Selfish people don’t share with others but keep everything to themselves, causing unnecessary suffering. Do you remember the toilet tissue shortage in 2020? Some people bought more than they needed in the hopes of making a profit. That was not necessary.

Reclaiming Our Right to Abundance

For many people, abundance is a core belief. But while it’s simple to say, “I believe in abundance,” it’s not always easy to live from that place. Not when there are bills to be paid, mouths to feed, and dreams to fulfill. So how do we reclaim our right to abundance within daily life?

  • Recognise that every person is valuable to our community.
  • Find ways you can contribute in big and little ways to help your friends, family, and community thrive.


Abundance is a mindset. It’s about embracing possibilities and opportunities. When you embrace it wholeheartedly you will find even more things to be grateful for.


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