We Are Subject to the Seasons of Life, How Does That Affect You?

by Damien Mercer 12 months ago in advice

A perspective on dealing with Hard Times.

We Are Subject to the Seasons of Life, How Does That Affect You?
The Sun sets only to rise again.

We all spend our lives within the confines of the same reality. A reality that, when observed objectively, displays a pattern some of us might miss.

Oftentimes we are subject to completely unpredictable events life throws our way. Some instances present themselves as blessings, and others can appear as curses.

The emotional consequences of these twists and turns can bring about chaos in our life. We can find ourselves wallowing in a pit of despair, and ask ourselves “Why is this happening to me?!” And while some of us chalk it up to life being unfair, a number of us want A reason for this chaos... something that’s more tangible and applicable to everyday life; a supportive perspective, I’m going to try and attempt to give you one!

As I sit here typing, I can see a row of trees outside the school across the road from me. Throughout the year a tree will change appearance a number of times as we’re all aware.

The trees are of course a product of the seasons, they blossom in the summer, they fade and wilt in the winter months. Likewise the sun will rise, the sun will set. We breathe in and we breathe out.

Life functions in cycles, we have our ups, our expansions, and we have our downs, our contractions/depressions.

These cycles are incredibly important to the wellbeing of the systems in which they belong, if the sun never set, or we never exhaled, we would run swiftly into problems!

I suffer from depression and anxiety, and something that has been paramount to my recovery/management of said condition is becoming more aware of the necessity of these systems, more aware of the expansion and contractions in life, and how they apply to us.

Life does not happen along a straight line, in fact it’s often chaotic, and tends to jump backward and forwards erratically, I don’t believe we yet fully understand the rhythms of the human condition, but it’s very possible that the downs in life that we go through, and sometimes can’t explain, are the natural result of a process we also don’t yet understand, and maybe never will, perhaps it’s akin to hibernation?

It’s my belief that some of us may be more easily able to manage and live with our lows, if we look to nature, listen to our bodies understanding, they’re a part of it, because nature seems to have an intelligence of its own.

Damien Mercer
Damien Mercer
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