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Vocal Creators Support Group

Now on Facebook: the Vocal Creators Support Group, for Content Creators and Readers

By Judey Kalchik Published 2 years ago Updated 5 months ago 4 min read
Top Story - April 2021
Vocal Creators Support Group
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There are already at least three very credible and helpful Facebook groups for Vocal Creators already

  • Vocal Creators Saloon
  • Vocal Media Creators Hub
  • The Vocal Creators Lounge

There is now one more, created by me today: Vocal Creators Support Group. So why did I create another group? What makes this different?

Vocal.Media is a site for content creators. It provides a platform, exposure, and an income stream. That income will vary wildly based on readership of the content. Vocal.Media has a robust Resources tab for those willing and able to put in the time and effort to use the platform fully.

What it does not (currently) have is a method to provide feedback to creators on their content.

The new Facebook Vocal Creators Support Group is open to both Creators and the Public to facilitate not just the opportunity to read content but to provide feedback. The ‘About’ section of the Vocal Creators Support Group page spells it out in more detail:

For Creators:

  • Post links to your content. I ask that for every link you post you read at least two articles written by another member, give a short response to them, and (heart) their post on the Vocal.Media site.
  • Ask questions of other creators.
  • Share your #TopStory , #LatestStory , #NeedsReads , #ChallengeStory, and #FeedbackRequested articles.
  • Feel free to share an article someone else wrote, too. Together we can support and highlight the successes of others.
  • Yes- you CAN share this group, let people know about it, and share posts from this page. You can even write about it. The more exposure Vocal.Media gets the better it is for all Creators.
  • Let me know what is or isn't working.

For Readers:

  • All Creators need to be Readers! That's the way we Support each other. Readers do NOT need to be Creators; we hope you Favorite this site and stop by often!
  • When you read content on Vocal.Media take your time! Don't fake it and skim the article. An algorithm will know it is happening and it won't 'count' as a read! (Creators are paid a fraction of a cent for a read.... and every fraction helps)
  • Please leave a heart when you read. Yes, you need to sign in to Vocal.Media to do that. If you get emails that you don't want after doing that- please unsubscribe from the emails but stay with the site!
  • Please SHARE WILDLY from this group! Again- reads=income for Creators.
  • Be Nice- Share- Comment- Support

Some of the comments from Creators that I’ve read in other groups express the frustration they feel regarding the lack of feedback on their posted Vocal.Media articles and stories. Given how responsive the platform has been to Vocal+ and Freemium members my projection is that this will eventually change. In fact, the energy of growth and willingness to act is one of the most exciting aspects of being on the platform. It had a big influence on my decision to become a Vocal+ member.

My hope is that the Vocal Creators Support Group on Facebook both fills the gap until this happens and also becomes an enduring venue for Creators to form bonds, offer encouragement, share best practices, and hone their craft.

And what of the Readers that join this group? They are more than just an audience for the content. As actor and icon Jimmy Stewart once said:

image courtesy of QuoteFancy

The Readers are the partners of the content Creators. Not only do they give the written word a landing spot and count as a ‘read’ on the Vocal platform, they are ever-so-much more. Their feedback shows their understanding and appreciation of the content. They are the bellwether of the relevance of the subject. They can share and widen the reach of the written piece. It’s a place where families and friends can support a Creator, and a place where potential professional contacts can be made.

If you are a Creator reading this article I hope you join Vocal Creators Support Group. If you are looking to discover new viewpoints, exciting topics, fresh voices, and makers of talented content you are equally welcome to add this new stop to your Facebook groups!

Note: as of 12/25/21 this group is now The Medium Writers and Vocal Creators Support Group.


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