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Uttam Maru: An Excellent Result of Dada's Grooming

by parth rakangor 6 days ago in success

If the best can be the best of the ordinary, then why is your child left behind? Somewhere or other we fall short in taking the steps that we as parents should take for the upbringing of our children and then When a child fails, we put a basket of guilt on his head

A few years ago, a midwife gave birth to a son in a nursing home in Rajkot. The arrival of a new member in the family made everyone very happy.

The grandmother of the newly born child connected the phone and gave the good news of the arrival of the grandson to the child's grandfather. Grandfather was also very happy to get the news of grandson's birth.

A few moments later the baby's grandmother called Grandpa again. Grandma's voice was very loud this time. Talking to her husband with a sad heart, she said, 'God gave us a grandson but he has no lips, nose, palate or eyes. Giving happiness to God immediately took away.

What do we do now? ' The grandfather consoled his wife and told her to trust in God.

A few days later, the baby was brought home from the hospital.

The baby was shown in a good hospital and different doctors gave different opinions. Almost everyone believed that this child would be a burden to the family for the rest of his life.

One doctor even said, "Let this child be calmed by giving an injection, because if he lives, you will also be sad and the baby will also be sad."

The grandfather of the child gathered all the members of the family and said, 'Look, why did we send such a boy to such a big world instead of sending someone else there? God has so much faith in us that everyone will save the house I send this boy to.

He will pamper her with love and try to complete her imperfections.

We must not let the trust God placed in our family be broken. All of us members share a little bit of responsibility and make it bigger. All the family members should spend some time for this child and we will take care of it.

' Everyone respectfully accepted the word of the head of the family.

The boy underwent more than 8 operations in a row. The boy's grandfather thought of enrolling him in school.

Initially, no school was willing to accept it. Then he got admission in a school and this boy went ahead in teaching slowly even more than other children.

Bringing first number in school. The school where the boy was placed closed for some reason. So now the search for a new school for this boy began.

One day, Mr. Dilip Sinhar Saheb, the principal of Sinhar School, met this child at Bal Bhavan in Rajkot. This boy was studying in second standard then but Mr. Sinhar was very impressed with the conversation with him. He asked the boy more than 100 questions and he would answer them before the question was over.

Sinhaar proposed to enroll the child in school and Grandpa gladly accepted the offer. The child was so fickle that the school teachers got bored.

But Mr. Sinhar persuaded the teachers to work sympathetically without giving up.

After that Grandpa taught the child organ, tabla, Braille script, computer and the boy became proficient in all of them. Grandpa goes with the child in different classes.

Most of the time from morning to evening is spent behind this child. Grandpa wants grandson to be a good singer. So one day Dada took M's grandson to Anwarbhai's singing classes at the National School in Rajkot. Initially, seeing the condition of the child, his artist might have wondered how the boy could sing, but seeing the fervor of the boy's grandfather, he accepted the child as his disciple and worked hard to make the child a good singer.

Despite not having a palate, the boy impressed his artist with very good singing and the artist performed a program of this boy's singing at Hemu Gadhvi Hall in Rajkot.

He won the hearts of all by singing superior songs one by one among the people who could not even find a place to stand.

The child, who was advised by the doctor to calm down, calmed the stress of many people through his singing.

The same exclamation from everyone's mouth was ‘wonderful ..... wonderful ...... wonderful’.

The name of this boy from Rajkot is Uttam Maru, and the name of his grandfather who made it is Kunwarjibhai Maru. The 20-year-old has now become a celebrity.

This boy remembers more than 150 songs, many verses and answers to questions. Has a wonderful understanding of the general knowledge of the world and India.

He has memorized and sung a total of 700 verses from all the eighteen chapters of the Bhagavad Gita in a melodious voice and it has also been recorded in the studio.

He specializes in singing, tabla and harmonium. He has memorized 11 Upanishads, Narad's Bhaktisutra, Patanjali's Yogasutra and Panini's Ashtadhyaya. Uttam Maru has been honored by the Government of India with the highest award for children 'Balshri'.

Saurashtra University has decided a few days ago to include the struggle and upbringing of this psychic youth studying Sanskrit in the third year of college in the curriculum of sociology and psychology students.

Kunwarjibhai Maru needs to meet specially to understand and know how the parents should raise their children when a few percent come in the study and fall on their children.

If you compare your child with Uttam, you will realize how good the child God sent you is. If the best can be the best of the ordinary, then why is your child left behind? Somewhere or other we fall short in taking the steps that we as parents should take for the upbringing of our children and then when the child fails we place a basket of guilt on his head.

It is the wish of every parent that their son and daughter get the best possible respect.

But we are not ready to make the dedication that Kunwarjibhai Maru made for his grandson. Instead of bringing out the infinite powers in our offspring, we constantly kill them by comparing them with others.

Never take your child for granted. If you provide the right environment, it will not go unnoticed. Children's development requires dedication and a little patience like Kunwarjibhai.



parth rakangor

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