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Use Your Social Media Platforms Well

by Dr Deborah M Vereen 6 days ago in social media

People follow your lead

Use Your Social Media Platforms Well
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These days people who produce and share content in all forms are influencers. They leverage their capacity to impact the way their followers embrace societal trends and react to important information. Influencers have a depth of control over those whom they lead because of their ability to foster trust among them.

Whether it is through written content, video content, audio content, culinary content, pictorial content, or any other content, influencers use varied social media platforms to market the brand they endorse.

Many influencers possess power over their followers. In other words, they have the potential to effect the decisions of the people who are devoted to them.

This raises an extremely important point. Influencers must remain responsible purveyors of information. There are several strategies that they must adhere to remain credible and reliable social media celebrities.

The Characteristics of Responsible Influencers

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I developed the “Social Media Ten Commandments” to reinforce the importance of the positive disposition of influencers. These important guidelines are shown below.

1. Leaders should use their presence to advance good and not evil as well as love instead of hate.

2. Social media idols must never advance ideologies that denigrate human rights.

3. Curators must share factual information.

4. Influencers must promote information that accentuates respect for humanity and our planet earth. This includes parents. mothers and fathers should not exploit their children on social media.

5. The information presented on their platforms must remain devoted to the preservation of human life.

6. Those with expansive platforms must honor the opportunity they have been afforded to educate, motivate, enrich, entertain, inform, enlighten, celebrate, and encourage. While laughter is very good for the human spirit, foolishness and buffoonery must be avoided because these things bring disgrace to their platform.

7. Lewd content has no place on any social media platform.

8. Information that bullies, glorifies violence, intimidates, humiliates, or injures others should not be a part of the content that is produced.

9. Influencers must remain positive role models not only on their social media platforms but in their everyday lives.

10. Social media sensations must not share subjective content that confuses followers and persuades them to make poor life choices.

When influencers adhere to these social media rules, they will function as positive role models that other content creators and consumers will follow.

This Is My Final Thought

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Simply stated, social media influencers must use their platforms wisely.

Followers tend to hold popular influencers in very high esteem. Because of the persuasive power that influencers possess, followers are typically convinced, enticed, and inspired to passionately mimic and imitate them. This is remains true when influencers create and share questionable and unsavory content.

Humanity needs positivity in all global sectors. This especially true for the youngest members of society who need to be infused with goodness and integrity that will ignite their potential for a future filled with promise.

Social media influencers must function as good role models.

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