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by XETA THE KING 10 months ago in success

Being differentiated

Human capacity and potential is immeasurable and the power of our minds incalculable. Lying deep within every person lies oceans of unrealized greatness and magnificence. Why then, is mediocrity the norm and the man who sails at higher altitudes the odd one out? It becomes apparent after substantial meditation and thought, that the basal existence, the underapplication of the god known as the human intellect I propose that our willingness to adopt conventional practices and methodologies is what is holding the human race back from its exponential possibilities. As all higher things are rebellious in some way because their principle is individualized and the greater part of them is accentuated. I think most people do not know that the road to elevating oneself is highly attached to individuation, sacrifice and becoming more according to your own rule and nature. I will provide an argument to express why individuation is the path to elevation.

Individuation is the path to elevation because to be higher one must overcome that which is the principal rule of the majority and become the 1 percent. First off I’d like to say that differentiation gives the mind insight about what is actually necessary and gives one a transcendent perspective. Secondly it breaks the limits of the mundane understanding that society perpetuates. And finally differentiation form the majority gives the self more motivation to come into expression because the self realizes it is apart from the collective and acts accordingly. In short, on a conceptual level individuation or differentiation is a strong force for the development of the self.

People who stand out usually have their own principal or way of being which is what makes them so attractive. Furthermore the magician always has his secret which makes him apart from the mass and surpass their conception. Primarily, I’d like to use Leonardo da Vinci as an example. He is a polymath and renowned artist and scientist. In fact, he is known for a lot of things but one thing he is not known for is his abnormal sleep schedule which I think is noteworthy to understanding why he is so different from other men and why he stands out. Leonardo da vinci had a polyphasic sleep schedule meaning he decided his sleep into more than two portions during the day.

Leonardo had a different mentality than most un-arguably which correspond with his elevated expression, his value system as independent and free thinker who was very expressive and his courageousness to be artistically and in all the fields he was in. Principally the legend himself would sleep for 2o minutes per hour and get a total of 4 hours of sleep per day. The mentality behind people who do alternate sleep patterns usually has to do with lifestyle and efficiency as they are usually people who try to output a lot in life and they need to sleep less to have a higher efficiency. Finally it is a definitive risk but Leonardo's decision and people like him just demonstrate the fact that if you want a different outcome you will have to sacrifice conventional ways. In short to tie this back to my point he is a very non traditional person in various ways his deposition was different when it comes to appetite all the way to his sexuality which just highlights his all around originality.

From his life and choices I take that one should remain true to our own nature, be intrinsically motivated to sacrifice the uniformity of the collective and take up the onus of being our own person. Primarily, it is realized that sacrifice itself is a good thing because attachment only maintains limitation to our expression as human beings. Secondarily, we should not attempt to stand out but we should seek to be true to ourselves because with the legends we observe that they are all rewarded in their lives or after for their trueness. Lastly, it is apparent that we must seek to alleviate ourselves from the lower tastes of temporary and the non substantial because that is what will bring greater fulfillment and benefit. As the universe and by extension its microcosm society rewards true value and development not those who search for superficial ends. In short we must take up the duty to ourselves to express ourselves honestly as that is what truly creates positive effects on the personal and nonpersonal scale of things.

Finally, I have personally come to this revelation through my experience through my observations in my life and in my personal experience. Firstly, I have realized a lot of people I know are unsatisfied with the conventional way and while there are many I know who have embarked on their own and are much more satisfied. My road of independence involves views and my personal sacrifices as I think personal sacrifice is necessary for personal development. Specifically when it comes to personal sacrifices that i've endured in the past i've fasted from food and i've done a dopamine detox which I recommend to people trying to uplift themselves mentally. Finally I have been very open minded during my life and that has benefited me in so far as I always receive a benefit from an experience in the lessons or indirect benefits that manifest.

We should all as intelligent agents aim to begin with one thing we are willing to give up in the present for future benefit to demonstrate to ourselves that we are being open to new development and experience.Initially, I began with fasting and I also did cold showers for an extended period of time and I realized that sacrifices are not about the substance but they differentiate you and therefore open you up to the unknown and new where growth occurs.

Secondly, we must never sacrifice our self, our own constitution if anything should be sacrificed it that illusions that the self attaches itself to. In conclusion we should learn to detach and that differentiation and sacrifice are key acts in growing and maturing as a person.



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