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Top 50+ Heart Touching and Funny Birthday Wishes For Wife

Top 50+ Heart Touching and Funny Birthday Wishes For Wife

By onlinestatusquotesPublished 11 months ago 3 min read

**Heart touching and funny birthday wishes For wife.**

Here are the Top 50+ Heart Touching and Funny Birthday Wishes For Wife.

1. you made my apartment home and my life a beautiful story.

2. you are the ideal person whom I admire most in my life

3. I can’t express my feelings for you because the word is countable and limited and you are not.

4. without you, I’m a garden of roses with thorns only

5. I live to be with you only

6. the day seems wasted without seeing your face.

7. you are not just a homemaker you are my life maker.

8. I believe in happiness just because of you

9. I’m grateful to all world who have given you in my life.

10. It’s the birthday of my best friend, girlfriend, crush, love, partner, wife.

11. holding your hand feel like the luckiest man in the world.

12. having you beside me feel like the top of the world.

13. Being with you feel like being in heaven

14. No one can replace you in my life.

15. you are the only path I want to walk for my whole life until death.

16. you are my path my destination.

17. you are more important for me than oxygen to survive here.

18. I start believing god after seeing you and loving you.

19. no one else in this whole world can bear me as you do with all your love.

20. seeing you secretly is my greatest pleasure.

21. annoying you is my favourite hobby.

22. talking to you can solve my all problem simply.

23. you are a healer of all wounds which this world gives me.

24. you take all my burden on you therefore you are my best partner.

25. you know your eyes talks to me without telling you.

26. holding your hands and following your footprints is a great feeling.

27. I want to be like your shadow always there in you.

28. my all prayers always have only one name and that’s all yours

29. we don’t tell each other I love you because now it’s more than that.

30. relation with you is the only thing I take for granted.

31. sometimes I felt like we should settle somewhere else in the mountains no people no disturbance only we.

32. seeing you every time I fall for you.

33. spending one day felt like aeons to me.

34. you are my passion to live this life,

35. I got you as the fruit of everything I have done good deeds in my life.

36. I don’t have to put effort into loving you and caring for you ever because it’s like nature to me.

37. my sweetheart, you are my crush for life.

38. I promise to give you everything I have.

39. I feel you deserve way more than I have, you are a gift that I have received from god.

40. the day I met you is the best day of my life.

41. I don’t believe in astrology but having you in my life I started believing in good luck.

42. you are the most beautiful poetry of the creator.

43. when I see your picture on my wallet I feel like the richest man in this world.

44. I don’t know why you marry me but I know why I do.

45. I salute and praise all your courage and bravery which you do for our family.

46. you owe my love, my praise, my life because you are my most beautiful wife.

47. I just want to tell you on this special day I am grateful to you most in my life.

48. you are my favourite view in this whole world.

49. you don’t need any makeup for looking beautiful you look most beautiful while sleeping.

50. I fall in love with you every time I see you.

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