To Thine Ownself Be True…

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No Matter What!

To Thine Ownself Be True…

For most of our lives, we are taught and learn very well to live according to the expectations that others set for us. When I say “others” I am referring to all the people in our lives who we love, respect, and who we believe have our best interest in mind. “To Thine Ownself Be True” during this time is usually also combined with an implied “but do it our way because we know what is best for you.”

As children, trusting the direction of the adults in our life is a critically important part of the process of our growth and development, as well as for the benefit of our own survival and security. However. The evolutionary process of human development dictates that we will not remain children and young adults all of our lives. Even as some desperately search for the fountain of eternal youth desiring to prevent the natural order of an aging physique. The reality is that as long as we continue to live. We will age in both our bodies and our minds. And in the best scenarios. We will grow and mature in every area of our lives as we age with grace and excellence.

We all Change Over Time

It is true. Some of us change much more than others over time. But essentially we all change somewhat over time. As it is often said, “the only thing constant in life is change.” Life is fluid and change is inevitable. So it should come as no surprise to us that over time. As we are tempered by our own varied life experiences. The things that we expect and desire for our lives will change over time. This is especially true as we navigate the experiences in our lives that did not go, or turn out, as we once planned or expected they would.

As we grow and mature in our lives, let us have the courage to embrace and honor the changes that occur in our lives as a result of such experiences. This is especially true when we realize that our changed plans and expectations are much different from what they once were.

Learn To Adapt and be Flexible

Adapting and being flexible are two critical skills to develop if we are to age with grace and excellence. These skills are especially useful during the times in our lives when we will have to choose to embrace and honor our own new, different, and changed plans and expectations for ourselves even when they just happen to be much different from what they originally were, or, from what others expected of us.

And when this happens. Herein lies the encouragement and motivation for you to “have courage” during such times. Have the courage required to be true to who and how you are in the world no matter what. Have the courage to commit to living your best life regardless of what has happened in the past. Yes. Do take account of all of the valuable accumulated life experiences you’ve had in the past up until this point (including the good, bad, and indifferent). And use all of your life experiences as fuel to create the kind of life you now desire for your future.

No One Can Do You Better Than You

So as you embark on your own personal “To Thine Ownself Be True” journey. May you have the required courage to do so. Remember to be both adaptable and flexible along the way. And know for sure the most important truth. That there is absolutely no one on earth better qualified at being who you truly are than YOU!

Also, remember. Those in your life who truly love and respect you will continue to do so even when your choices to “just do you” change a bit from what they use to be, or from what others expected of you. However. Your true relationships will remain. And those are the ones that will really matter now as you stay committed to being true to YOU!

Until the next time…

Much Love & Peace,

Carla Dee

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Carla Dee
Carla Dee
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