To Motivate Is a Choice and a Lifestyle

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To Motivate Is a Choice and a Lifestyle

You know I've spent a lot of my time thinking of reasons why people were constantly being negative. More than anything, I would ponder how good people would allow those same negative people to be around them for no good reason at all. Even if it was a short period of time, I just simply wouldn't risk it. Thinking to myself, "Damn, you can't even give these people a split second or they would have had enough time to make you negative too." It must be contagious or something, because I see it all the time, and it's almost as if these people make it a lifestyle and won't be okay until they bring negativity to the world. I mean it's like a job they have! Are these people employed with the negativity? LOL, just kidding.

My point is life is short, time goes fast, and I will not contribute to any negativity from now until my demise. And please don't have a misconception of what I'm accomplishing here, because I'm not saying I'm not ever going to be angry, I'm not ever going to get mad or anything like that. I mean, we're humans, we're full of emotions, and we express them. It's more about the actions you take when you make a reaction based on what someone else has done. Now, if it wasn't directly done to you, then you have a choice of basically not even being there in the first place or just completely tuning them out. It's kind of like me and what I call a superpower, because I do have the ability to not pay attention to a single negative things a person says. Then, the moment they stop being negative is the exact same time that I start paying attention.

Please do me a big favor people, and pass this along. Pass a smile along. You know what? Maybe that could be contagious. You never know when someone might catch it, because I know there's plenty of people in need of a smile, so think to yourself, "Should I look at this person weird knowing how quick people are to go to their mad and angry facial expression?" They might get the wrong idea and actually think that you are being negative with the facial expression you give to them. This behaviour includes me, because it does rub me the wrong way when I'm being observed byand judgy almost distraught facial expression. All because I decided to take a walk out in the town. Well, excuse me, Mister "I can't see someone doing better than me or I start getting completely jealous and go into a furious rage" looking individual.

For next time, just do what I do and completely tune the negativity out. I know it's easier said than done, but try it. You never know, you might actually contribute something nice and worthy to this world. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope that this was at least a glimpse of the type of lifestyle that people can live and make a part of their culture. Believe me, if the negativity is a part of your culture, it is going to take you a long time to figure out that that's what it is. Do me another favor; take care of yourself, do wonderful things, and be great.

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Josue Manuel Sanudo

Hell! For that last 8 to 9 months I've been able to move on with my life without contradicting my goals or objectives nor my end goal. I am here to strictly motivate people into a positive State of Mind. Thank you for taking the time.

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