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To All The Dreamers In The World

by Haaken Bailey 9 months ago in success

The story of a man who finds a little black book.

Thomas Maxwell was not a rich man. In fact, he was quite the opposite. After moving out of his parents’ home, Thomas has been on and off various different jobs and occupations, living pay check to pay check to get by. Often, he would spend long periods of time out of a job.

It was during this period of time wherein Thomas, walking to the bus stop for another job interview, stumbles upon a little black book. There didn't appear to be anything unusual about the appearance of little black book. It seemed, at the time, anyway, to be an ordinary notebook. The only distinction about the notebook was a piece of text, sowed with golden silk, which read "To All The Dreamers In The World...". Thomas decided to put the notebook in his backpack for personal use as he walked towards the bus stop.

When he arrived at the place of occupation, Thomas waited only for a few moments before his interview would begin. It became apparent from the moment the interview began, however, that things were not going well and, at the end of the interview, the employer decided to point blank tell Thomas to his face that they would be looking for workers elsewhere. Thomas was frustrated with this and decided to pull out his notebook to vent. When he opened his new notebook, however, he noticed a button up pocket on the inside cover. Thomas opened the pocket and he found twenty-thousand dollars in cash.

Immediately, Thomas put the money into his wallet. The next morning, he deposited the money into his bank account. Soon, he began spending his new income of money on anything he wanted. Books, movies, video games, anything that peaked his interest, all the while allowing himself to pay back his student loans and his rent.

After all that however, Thomas began to wonder about the origins of the book. Who owned the book? Whose money was it? Why was it on the sidewalk along the way to the bus stop? Where did this person live? Thinking all of this, Thomas decided to look through the notebook and he found, not the answer, but a series of clues which began with “If you are looking for my location, please follow these simple steps” and played out a series of steps which lead to the original owner’s home.

Thomas followed the steps to a tee. The first step called for him to use the 47 bus. Thomas slept in and missed the last bus of that route, so he made up by catching the 52 and then the 50, exiting at the downtown, as the second step called of him. The third step asked for him to take the number 2 bus to Oak Bay, with the fourth having him stop at the bay itself. Once at the bay, the fifth step asked him to use the red boat with the red sail and float to an island 124 kilometres away from the bay and Thomas obliged. Reaching the island, Thomas could see the two story house that seven step’s twenty-seven paces ended at.

Thomas knocked on the front door of the house, and an elderly woman responded by opening the door. The woman introduced herself as Leah Salvador. Thomas notices that there are three younger men in her house. Miss Salvador introduces them as her sons. After that, Thomas asked Miss Salvador about the notebook that he found and she explains that the notebook wasn’t dropped, but rather, placed there so that, to quote, “Anyone who needed its content would be rewarded.” And with that, she, her sons, and the house that they lived in, faded away into nothingness.

After that, Thomas began using his money to try and begin a business, eventually succeeding and garnering a large amount of acclaim from around the world.


Haaken Bailey

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Haaken Bailey
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