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Three Ways to Recapture Your Motivation

Staying Motivated Isn't Always Easy

By The Vitamin HippoPublished 3 years ago 2 min read
Three Ways to Recapture Your Motivation
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It is extremely easy for anyone to embark on the pursuit of a worthwhile goal.

However, maintaining the momentum and motivation to ensure you accomplish the goal is another issue altogether. When you lose your motivation, your determination, commitment, and passion are quickly tested.

The motivation you had when first embarking on the pursuit of a goal can be affected by many factors. When your motivation dwindles, you must do everything you can to rekindle the fire if you want to reach your goals.

Here are three ways you can recapture your motivation and continue on the path to achieving your goals.

Re-adjust Your Focus

Imagine that you have a lot going on in your mind. Despite this, you decide you want to watch an excellent movie that completely absorbs you.

As you are watching the movie, you notice that your anxieties and worries about your job or business dissipate.

Depending on what you're watching, you find yourself laughing, crying, getting excited, or even agitated. That which you are focusing on is having an impact on your mood.

While your personal circumstances haven’t changed, your new focus is changing how you’re feeling. When you re-adjust what you are focusing on, you can recapture your motivation.

Celebrate Your Successes

No matter how big or small they are, celebrate every single success. Create a culture that enables your motivation to grow.

When you celebrate your wins, it can help to inspire you to keep moving forward. Build on the excitement when you succeed, on the positive feedback you receive and the good results you experience.

Don’t spend too much time focusing on and worrying about what didn’t work. Learn from the experience, make improvements to the process, and move on.

Identify Places that Unlock Creativity and Energy

When you are in an environment that awakens your enthusiasm, you feel more motivated because of what you experience and see.

Maybe you feel inspired when touring a museum, attending a concert, or browsing a bookstore.

Spend at least two hours a week in an environment that motivates you or engage in activities that inspire you, like dancing, mentoring or hiking. Then, use that new found energy to work on accomplishing your goals.

...oh and give superfoods a try! Eating healthy has a major impact on your mindset. Your body is a machine. Be sure to fuel it with clean, effective foods.


It is both possible and necessary for you to regain your motivation when you’ve lost it.

Taking simple steps to remain enthusiastic and committed to every step of the journey will help you accomplish the goals you’ve set for yourself!


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