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Three books I wanted to read again

Before I finished reading

By AntonioPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

If you've read my article for a while, you may know that I'm a big fan of books that can bring new perspectives to things.

I have read over 100 non-fiction books in the last two years. Some were typical self-help books, but some were so good that I wanted to read them many times before I finished reading them.

In fact, these four books I'm talking about today surprised and confused me. If you read these three books, you're sure to be at least 100 steps ahead of the average person.

We also believe in promoting the same book over and over and proposing mediocre books that are a waste of time and money. So think of me as the ambassador of these three books.

1. Robert Green's Law of Humanity:

Find out how good some people are at hiding their dark side, how they can impress people, make them do what you want, or how they hide their hidden motives. Have you ever wondered what you can do?

To be honest, I thought that humans are pretty obvious creatures and no one can hurt them. But fool me!

Robert Green's Law of Humanity is like the Bible about humanity. The book contains 18 laws, first showing real-life examples of people who were either victims or masters of the law. The author also explains how to make a wall in front of you so that wise people cannot use you.

"People only get better when they see what they are."

If you think everyone is cute, you need to read this book to discover the hidden reality of pretty faces.

2. Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi:

As I write this article today, I feel like my head is spinning, my eyes are burning, and somehow I have lost the ability to think clearly.

do not worry! I don't go to psychiatry. I was newly diagnosed with migraine. And do you know what the worst is? I can't even see the computer screen for more than a minute. Well, in that case, any ordinary person would rest?

But this is where I feel guilty about not being productive enough in my day. I think this sounds familiar. A new era of social media and all these prolific gurus have trains that are useless if we aren't productive, or "just promote successful people" that we need to catch. Because it made us believe, right?

However, the flow is different. Flow means a working situation where you get so absorbed in your work that you forget what's happening around you. It's a state where you enjoy your work and don't care how long you work.

"There is nothing more sad than meeting someone who knows exactly what to do but can't find the energy to do it."

All successful people use this state of flow when they want to create a masterpiece in their work, but mediocre people like us put up a definition of productivity. Successful people know that productivity can help them accomplish more, but it doesn't help them make art in their work. The concept of a river was withheld from us because they also know that there is only one "king" in the jungle.

3. Robert Green's 48 Laws of Power:

The world is the same as it was many years ago. How? In terms of performance! Everyone, whether you or me, wants to be in power. Some openly admit, others play mind games and dominate you.

Robert Green's 48 Laws of Power is a powerful book that teaches you the 48 Laws that will help you gain power to anyone you want. I don't recommend going around this book trying to be a magician. No!

I recommend this book. You can see what kind of game you are playing together while thinking "How wonderful this person is".

This is one of the books that reveals the true side of human beings, the desire for power. And history proves how much power people have gained.

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