This Is Your World, Shape It

by Tammi Hoerner 3 months ago in advice

Are you taking steps to build the life you want to live?

This Is Your World, Shape It

This morning’s cup of joe is reminding me that I have changed my entire life. I bought this cup in 2009. The time of my life that I took my power back.

Let me ask you, do you sometimes feel defeated? Like everything around you is working against you? Do you find that you feel you have no choice? Are you showing up to activities, work, or relationships because you feel like you have to?

I completely understand. You’ve been told that you have to. You’ve been told to do it just because. You’ve been told you don’t have choices.

Prior to 2009, I lived this lie. For my entire adult life to that point, I worked in a highly toxic corporate environment, because I was told that you do with what you have. That mine was not to reason why, mine was just to “do or die.” I was told that the people around me who were making my life quite miserable didn’t mean anything personal by their attacks. I was told that the dynamics were just what they were, as they had always been. I was told I was too sensitive. I believed them.

In 2009, my daughter graduated from high school and I was given the gift of following her to her college orientation. I was excited for her, but not having attended a four year college myself, I really had no idea what I was about to experience. We were invited to spend the night in the dorms. I immersed myself in the student experience—from the tears, the parental pressure, to the idea of living in such a small space with people I didn’t know. The emotions where overwhelming, and I spent the night in the dorm room pacing, thinking, and taking it all in, realizing I was surrounded by young people who were designing their lives rooted in their interests and passions. I realized that I had never made the choice to design my own.

Insert middle aged “A-ha moment”.

My entire being shifted in that moment. Everything in me opened and softened, as for the first time in my life, I realized that I have a choice. I realized that my life experience to that point had been a result of letting other people have control simply because I didn’t realize I had choices. (Today, I call this taking back your power).

I began to dig into my heart, my childhood dreams, my gifts and talents. I began the design process. Two years later, I began this new journey that led me to where I am today. Everything looks different. My health is better, my relationships are strengthened, my vision and passion fuels my work.

By taking back my innate power to design my life, I changed every aspect of it. For me, it began with the realization that I could change my career. That career change also impacted my satisfaction in every other area of my life.

Where does it start for you?

How does it work?
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