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Things I Wish I Knew

From a college freshman

By Katie GreenPublished 5 years ago 2 min read

During my senior year in high school, I complied a list of things that I wish I knew. I also asked several of my friends what they wish they knew. This list consists of what I feel were the most important lessons learned by a bunch of 18 year olds during their time as youths.

1. He probably thinks about you too.

2. Don’t microwave styrofoam.

3. Chocolate can fix almost any problem.

4. Just apologize.

5. Then forgive.

6. People are complicated, it does not always have to do with you.

7. Treat people how you want them to treat you.

8. Be KIND.

9. Driving in the rain is always almost never safe.

10. Just get out of bed.

11. Leave early, always, you never know.

12. High school does go by fast, enjoy it all; the good, bad and ugly.

13. Everyones hearts break, you are not alone.

14. Stop complaining.

15. Act on your ambitions.

16. Go to that concert, it will be fun.

17. Be yourself at all times.

18. R E S T.

19. No is a complete sentence, you don’t have to justify yourself.

20. Read more.

21. Admire the people and things around you, that world will never look this way again.

22. Boys can make you feel good, but they aren’t the only thing that can.

23. Drink the coffee and do the things, its that simple.

24. The friends that you have now will not be the friends that you have in a few years.

25. It may feel like forever but I assure you that it is not.

26. Smile.

27. You are enough, do not like anyone take that away from you.

28. Just because someone does not see your value, does not diminish it.

29. Think about what you are, not what you are not.

30. Eat clean when you can, life is hard, take care of yourself.

31. Hydrate or die-drate, sister.

32. Travel as much as you can. People in different parts of the world see it differently than you, learn from them.

33. Don't have guilt for your feelings, those are things that are out of your control.

34. You cannot please everyone.

35. Prioritize family above other things.

36. Set goals, and strive for them.

37. Plenty of people have had crushes on you, you just don’t know it.

38. Some days you are going to hate yourself. Remember that it's okay to feel what you're feeling but it doesn't last.

39. Figure out why things you do bother you and learn from that... don't live annoying yourself.

40. Stop being so frustrated and stop and think.

41. Sometimes you need to hide what you're feeling.

42. Sometimes you need to let your feelings be seen and heard.

43. Know when to speak and when to be silent.

44. Try to understand people before you start to speak negatively about them.

45. That little bit of your side mirror that's like extra magnified is for seeing cars behind you. So check them before you switch lanes.

46. Study math more. Like c'mon, just do it.

47. Mind your own business and keep information that isn’t yours to yourself, its not yours to share.

48. The moon is not actually a country.

49. Spongebob is not real.

50. Letting your mind run with some small thought usually never ends well.

And lastly

51. Don't search for attention where you know you won't get it. Don't play the fool.


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