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Things I know to be true (part 1)

by Theresa Lane about a year ago in advice
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in my 26 years of living, I've never had have so much to say

1. Gratitude is the happiest mood.

Just think about it, when we are truly grateful for something or someone, that instantly changes our feelings and energy.

We live in a world full of distractions, and it is easy to lose sight on what really matters. If we could just take a few minutes every morning and night or whenever to list things to be grateful for and focus on them, we can improve our mood.

When I am not in a good mood, taking a step back, looking at myself and being thankful always works.

E.g. I am grateful for my loving family, partner and friends. Looking down at my legs — I can walk. Hands — I can do things. I am able minded and able bodied. Many people are much more less fortunate than I am. I should be the best I can be because I have these gifts. Boom. I’m in a better mood.

As we choose to put energy towards being thankful, this opens up our hearts and improves our mind state. Instantly, our mood and energy shifts and our mind and feelings focus on the good stuff rather than the negative.

When our moods are uplifted, it creates a ripple effect for others. Through practicing gratitude we allow room for greatness for ourselves and those around us. Gratitude and love are like best friends.

2. Being present is key.

Present. The present moment.

What we always hear, it’s so cliche but at the same time it is so important.

This moment we are in, right now, as you are reading this, this is the only moment that actually matters. Not tomorrow, not 1 hours time, not yesterday but right now. It is the only moment we can actually control — if we allow our full awareness to be in it.

No matter how much we think about tomorrow we can never control it, and the past (including 10 minutes ago) we can never change that. It is what it is. So we must leave the things we cannot control, accept it no matter how hard and move forward.

‘what can you do right now that your future self will thank you for’

If we sit here, and stress about tomorrow, or cringe at yesterdays happenings, we are only destroying our opportunity for greatness in this moment. There is potential, massive loads of it, in every single moment. So what are we going to do with it?

By not stressing about the things we cannot control, by being fully aware in the moment, we are nurtuting our mind and in return, bettering our lives.

3. Our minds are soooooooo powerful

Our thoughts and feelings create our whole life.

If you were to wake up every morning and hate yourself and your life, you’re only gonna see negativity show up in your life day in and day out.

If you wake up and love your life, ACCEPT and be grateful for what you have, you will uplift your vibrations and will attract love, happiness and more joy in your life.

Awareness is key. Being aware of something, instantly gives you power. Being aware of our feelings and thoughts, can lead us to changing them.

Our minds are that powerful, yet we are not taught how to use them properly, and it is no ones fault, it is what it is.

Our parents raised us to the best of their abilities, they didn’t have access to the vast information that we have today. We weren’t raised to nurture our mind, talk about our feelings and that is okay.

We can start today. Once we are aware, we can take action to improving our situation.

With everything speeding up around us, we live in a very fast society and it is easy to be caught up in this mess. May we remember to be present, be grateful and be conscious about what we are thinking and feeling of because it has power over our whole lives.


I hope you’re all still breathing lol.

Our breath is the only thing that is keeping us alive. It’s not our mental function or heart function keeping us going, it is our breathe.

Our breathe is our lifeforce.

What was the first thing you done in this life?

YOU BREATHED. You breathed yourself into life. And there will come a day when you will breathe your last and then pass on.

You are gone from this life when you are no longer breathing.

So through any sitiation in life we can turn to our life force, this breath. The only thing keeping us going. When life gets tough, you feel unsure, feel overwhelmed.


This life can get so hard, every one of us will experience hardships and turmoils and with all these distractions it is only going to get worse as people lose sight of what is real.

Try this: close your eyes, take 3 enormous deep breaths right now.

Congratulations, you just took the power away from your mind and shifted it your breath. This is the art of meditation. When we meditate, for the first time consciously, we shut our minds up.

Our minds that know how to hurt us, how to bring us down, we shut that thing up and breathe air into our hearts.

We give our minds a break, we give our bodies are break. Whatver moment we are in, we can just breathe back to our sanity, breathe to achieve full relaxation. Play some relaxing music, sip your favourite tea, go outside, look outside, look at sky, put on some nice fragrance (incense, or oils), relax and be still in the moment. This is body regenration and it all started with your mind.

When we breathe into our life force and relax our whole body, we can hear the voice of our heart. When I discovered this, I couldn’t believe it. I heard my real voice, my intuition and I received helpful ideas that even led me to write this very blog.

We all have one, that gut feeling that just knows. Mediation can strengthen our intuition so we can hear our real voice. This voice that isn’t influenced by the outside world.

People always say “what is your heart telling you?”

Well how do we ever know that, if we don’t allow it to speak to us.

Our minds tend to just decide for our hearts, leaving us feeling stressed, anxious and depressed, because it is going against what we truly want.

When life gets tough, we can all turn back to our breathe.

By giving our overworked minds a break; we can hear our hearts, achieve full relaxation on all levels and heal our minds which lead to fulfilled lives.


About the author

Theresa Lane

Hi my name is Theresa, I’m finding my way through life by connecting to the love that I am, finding my creativity and passion to spread more love in the world through words ❤️

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