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The Ultimate Guide to Blog Promotion in 2022 | SEO

The Best Way to Promote Your Blog for Free and Increase Traffic in 2022 Everything a Beginner Needs to Know

By Muhiuddin AlamPublished 2 years ago 15 min read
The Ultimate Guide to Blog Promotion in 2022 | SEO
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Blog promotion. As an independent blogger, how do you promote your blog? Do you think everything is fine by sharing your blog posts on various social media platforms? Unfortunately, this method won’t work unless you have millions of fans and your blog’s visitor stickiness is relatively high. But I think you have not reached the level of Internet celebrity.

Therefore, you can try the following methods. Most of these methods are free, and you have nothing to lose. Why not do it? Below, I recommend blog promotion methods into several large sections. You can choose any section to study, and then optimize your blog by prescribing the right medicine.

But before you learn, a reminder: Don't try all the methods at the same time. You should choose a few of the methods that are applicable to your industry, and then evaluate the results of the assessment. Over time, your own blog promotion optimization plan will gradually form, and then you can apply these methods to every blog post.

I believe that in the end, each of your blog posts will definitely attract a lot of traffic and attention, and fans will also increase.

Next, I will use three sections to describe in detail how webmasters should promote blogs.

A Beginner's Guide to Increasing Traffic and Promoting Your Blog for Free in 2022

Table Of Contents

1. Preparations for blog promotion

1.1. Website optimization (technical SEO)

1.2. Content Planning and Content Research

1.3. Content optimization (page optimization)

2. Blog Promotion

2.1. Social Media Marketing

2.2. Polish content

2.3. Relationship Marketing

2.4. Paid Marketing

3. Analysis of Blog Promotion Effect

How to Promote Your Blog in 2022 | Techniques and Tips

1. Preparations for blog promotion

The preparatory work before blog promotion is to keep your website and content in the best and best state in order to achieve better promotion results.

1.1. Website optimization (technical SEO)

In the part of website optimization (technical SEO), you will learn the basic factors involved in the normal operation of a WordPress website.

The user experience of website visitors is better.

Search engines can index your site.

Virtual host

A reliable virtual host is one of the most important indicators for website and blog site optimization. If the virtual host you choose is not stable enough, the web page loading speed cannot keep up, and the customer service is not strong enough, your website will encounter a lot of trouble. The most important thing is that the customer experience of website visitors is relatively poor, and they will naturally move to other websites.


No one likes sites that load slowly, and Google also favors sites that load very fast. Even if the virtual host you buy is good, you still need to do some other fine-tuning. For example, you can use W3 Total Cache, a caching plug-in, to increase the loading speed of web pages.

After painstakingly, Guyi will organize some WordPress plugins for you to improve the speed of your website.


WordPress is the most popular blogging platform. Many websites in the world are built with WordPress, and it is also an open-source platform, which also leaves opportunities for hackers. If your site does not strengthen security protection, it is likely to be attacked. Different virtual hosting providers will also take different security measures. However, if your virtual hosting provider does not have related services, we recommend that you use some security protection plug-ins, such as Wordfence.

After painstakingly, Guyi will also organize some security protection WordPress plugins for your reference.

WordPress Themes

Every WordPress webmaster actually faces a large number of WordPress themes, including free themes in the WordPress resource library. The disadvantage of some free themes is that the developers of the theme ignore them, so the theme has not been updated. Sometimes, some paid themes are not updated. In addition, we should also choose a mobile-friendly WordPress theme (click here to confirm whether your theme is a mobile-friendly theme), and it should be suitable for you, the loading speed should be fast, and the internal code should be relatively simple.

WordPress Plugin

My previous blog post more or less mentioned WordPress plugins, and we will organize more plugins for your reference in the future. After all, WordPress plugins are an indispensable part of a WordPress website, and many website functions rely on these plugins to achieve. We recommend that webmasters use credible plug-ins, because a rogue plug-in may ruin your website.

Indexing and crawling of blog promotion

Everyone may be intimidated by the title above, but you have to know that if you want your blog promotion to be effective, Google, Bing, and other search engines must be able to index and crawl your website. Generally speaking, these search engine websites crawl your website through the robots.txt file. Of course, you can also use some WordPress plugins to help search engines crawl and index your website.

Link management for blog promotion

Here we want to talk about external links, which is what people usually call external links. If there is no external link, there would be no such term as the Internet. In addition, there are external links, that is, external links. If there is no external link, website visitors will not be able to jump from one webpage to another. Therefore, every webmaster needs to do the following:

Internal links - When publishing new content on a website or blog, first think about the previously published content, and then hyperlink the new content and the published content. In addition, you also need to consider whether the content that has been published can also be linked to the new content that is about to be published.

External links - External links include links to related pages of other websites. When writing content, be sure to ask for many other high-quality, high-weight web pages for your reference. You should link to these pages and notify the other party’s administrator. This is similar to online celebrity marketing, but I won't go into details here.

Dead links - whether they are external links or internal links, they will not exist forever. Because the link address, that is, the URL we often say, will change, or it will be modified or deleted. Therefore, we need to find these dead links that have failed, and then repair these links. If you want to search for dead links, I recommend you to use the broken link checker website or the broken link checker WordPress plugin.

Redirection - Sometimes the webmaster also needs to change the link address of the webpage, that is, modify the URL. WordPress sometimes automatically redirects, but sometimes it is not very reliable. Therefore, we can use some free redirect WordPress plugins, such as Redirection This plugin. Of course, if you are not too troublesome, you can also do it manually, so I won’t go into details here. If you are interested, you can use Google Translate to read this article.

Analyzing Tool

Analysis tools are very important for all blogs because it helps the webmaster understand the interaction between the website and the visitor. If you plan to promote your blog well, you definitely want to know which content is more popular and which method of promoting your blog can attract more traffic and visitors.

Many webmasters use Google Analytics to analyze their website and track website data, but there are other tools that can be used. After painstakingly solitary translation, articles related to website analysis will be distributed for your reference.

1.2. Content Planning and Content Research

In this part, you can learn about website content planning and research-related content.

Choose a Subdivision

Before you start writing a blog post, you first need to have a clear understanding of the subdivisions or industry topics you are in, and you also need to understand the different categories of related subdivisions and industries. If you choose a sub-industry or sub-field that few people pay attention to, then blog promotion or website promotion is difficult.

If you are in the foreign trade industry and do English websites or other foreign language websites, you can consider using Google Trends to view popular keywords or topics. For example, here I want to check the search volume of two keywords, one is "blog promotion" and the other is "blog marketing", the target country is the United States.

From the above figure, we can see that the red curve represents the trend of blog marketing, and its popularity is much higher than that of blog promotion. Therefore, our blog posts can use blog marketing as our keywords.

Choosing keywords is an art. If the search volume of the keywords you choose is particularly large, it means that many people are using this keyword to promote their web pages, and the competition will become fiercer. On the contrary, some keywords with small search volume may not be so competitive, but they can be ranked high. I will not describe them in detail here.

Research Keywords and Topics

After you set the tone for your website, you have to consider the content. Keyword research refers to finding the keywords that are most closely related to your blog, which means that a certain keyword can represent your blog.

After selecting the keywords, you can divide the keywords into detailed categories related to your field.

Research Audience

Before starting to write a blog post, we should also think about our audience or customers. You should have a general description and understanding of your audience in your mind, and then you can produce some content that appeals to the audience accordingly.

The Tone of the Article

After you understand your target audience, you should also consider the written tone. In what tone do you present the content to the audience and fans? Serious tone or humorous tone? A formal tone or a ridiculous tone? You should set the tone in advance for the tone of your article. Here I recommend a website for you to do an evaluation for yourself - Portent's Tone of Voice Generator.

Consider content type

If the fields, keywords, and topics are all thought about, then you should consider what type of article you should write.

Studies have shown that infographics and listed blog posts are shared more frequently than other types. In addition, the "Top 10" blog posts are also very popular. In addition, I recommend you to read the following article: "13 kinds of content to help you get more traffic".

1.3. Content optimization (page optimization)

Content optimization(page optimization). This part means that we have to optimize each blog post and each page before publishing it.

Add original tags to the title, link address, and description

If you are using the Rank Math SEO plugin on your WordPress site, you need to complete three parts of the content (but here I want to say that Yoast SEO is not the best SEO plugin, this is because the number of users is relatively large.):

Title - put keywords at the beginning of the title as much as possible;

URL - URL should contain keywords, and the link address should be as short as possible;

Description - the description part needs to be attractive enough to attract Reader reading;

Page Contains Keywords

There are several important positions or important settings on the Internet that need to be paid attention to. These areas require you to include keywords. They are:


Page title

Title No. 1 (H1)

On the web page The first paragraph

The second level, level 3, and lower sub-headings of the page

In fact, there is no need for keywords to be distributed everywhere. Keywords must be logically embedded in the content. Don’t stack keywords for ranking purposes, but if there are enough keywords in the article, it is very useful. Contribute to web page optimization.

Optimize pictures

The optimization of the picture mainly includes three parts:

Size - the picture must be selected with the appropriate size.

Image size - Some websites or tools can be used to compress images, such as TinyPNG, Kraken, and Compressor. After the image is compressed, it is uploaded to the website. The three websites mentioned above can compress pictures to 65% of their original size. After the pictures are reduced, the loading speed of the web page can be improved.

Replacement text – The uploaded image needs to be named, that is, the replacement text name of the image cannot be garbled. A formal image name is helpful for readers to understand the relationship between the image and the blog post, and it is also helpful for search engines to capture the image.

Mail contact list

Email marketing is one of the best ways to promote websites and blogs because the webmaster can get in touch with website visitors directly. But first, we should create a mail contact list of subscribers. In this regard, we need to set the two most important things on the blog.

Make it easier for visitors to register.

We need to attract visitors to register on the website.

We will also update the content of email contact registration later, welcome everyone to pay attention to it at any time.

Encourage visitors to share and forward

Encouraging website visitors to share and repost your blog posts will help promote your blog. As a webmaster, in addition to your audience's spontaneous sharing and forwarding, you can also encourage them to forward and share. You can add a one-click sharing function to your website to facilitate visitors to forward and share your content. Here, I painstakingly recommend a WordPress plugin - Addtoany.

One-click sharing - The one-click sharing function does not need to cover all social media platforms. You can choose the one that suits you.

Twitter widgets - webmasters can highlight quoted sentences on their websites and encourage readers to share them. Social Warefare this WordPress plug-in can realize this kind of function.

In fact, there are many such one-click sharing WordPress plugins, I will not list them all here, and there will be related blog posts for your reference later.

Content display

Every webmaster actually needs to produce high-quality content, because high-quality content is easier to promote:


Whether it is on social media platforms or in search results, the title is the first impression of website visitors, so the title must be able to attract readers. First, the title must be eye-catching and then make sure that the content of the blog post or website meets high-quality standards. The title of the article still needs us to spend time thinking about it.


Several studies have shown that the longer the length of the content, to share the number, the more the search engine rankings higher.

At the same time, we should also consider our own subdivisions and the purpose of the website content. Longer content generally has better search ranking results, but content quality is far more important than word count. After all, a piece of 5,000 moaning saliva content is not good for anyone.

Content Layout

In addition, the content layout is also very important, we need to highlight the important content. After all, most visitors to the website are just a little bit on the fly. With a glance, few people can calm down and read your content carefully. Therefore, we need to mark up the content. We can use subtitles and bullets to highlight key content.

In addition, we also need to try our best to realize imagery and visualization of our content, in various forms, including pictures, videos, screenshots, and charts. Nielsen once said that "Internet users will pay more attention to pictures with high information content and strong relevance, but they will ignore those modified pictures with no content."

2. Blog Promotion

In this part, we will introduce many ways to promote blogs, but this does not mean that you have to follow this method strictly. The methods mentioned here are for your reference. You can choose the most suitable way to promote your blog.

Note: Before we start the introduction, it is recommended that you create a simple text document and record the following content.

URL - you can start with the standard article URL;

Title - you can prepare 3-5 different article titles;

Short social text messages - you can write a few short social text messages in advance, mainly on platforms such as Twitter and WhatsApp are used. These short messages need to be developed around the title and have various forms, which can be introductions, questions, or other types.

Longer social text messages - these text messages can be used on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Contact information - If you mention someone or a brand in the content of the website, you can include their contact information, such as Twitter account and email address.

Short links - If your website content contains many external links or even affiliate marketing links, it is relatively troublesome to track the clicks and income of these links. Therefore, I suggest that you can appropriately use some short links to help you track these links, such as Bitly. In the later period, I will also organize several short links for everyone to use.

Email marketing

According to marketing statistics, email marketing is still the most powerful and economical marketing method. Email marketing is still the most popular marketing method for many people. The number of people using email marketing in the world is about 2.9 billion as of the end of 2019.

Mail to the mail contact list

The method of creating a mail contact list has already been mentioned in the previous article, and you can use this list now. In fact, sending emails to blog posts or website subscribers is one of the best ways to attract traffic to a blog. But don’t limit yourself to attracting readers to your website. You need to ask them to comment, like, share, and forward the content of the article so that you can indirectly promote the blog to more people.

Some subscribers will also repost your blog posts in their circles.

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